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  • Hertsi88


    Merry christmas to you all!
  • peterlondon


    Been SICK! Hope to be back on track soon!
  • mrs v. viper Online

    mrs v. viper

    QUESTION to everyone and their dog:
    Have you ever been really disappointed by someone you looked up to for guidance? How, and how did it affect your life afterwards?
    I am collecting stories for an art project, so I'd be thankful if some of you could share their stories. It could be about anyone, a lover, a parent, a religious figure, a pop icon, important is that it's about someone you looked up too. If you don't want to comment please send me a mail to annviper@rocketmail.com
    I might want to puplish your words but will treat who you are completely confidental!!
    Just going all in and hope that someone will reply
    Thank you!!