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Monday, 18 May 2009 19:15
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  • glam_junkie
    2 weeks ago

    Good to see the forum back. Is it going to stay?

    peterlondon Yes, as the issues I had before are now almost solved .
    2 weeks ago
  • glam_junkie
    2 weeks ago

    Some aussie sleaze is coming to europe.... LACED IN LUST

    23/9—Escobar, Aarhus, Denmark
    26/9 – KGB Bar, Stockholm, Sweden
    1/10—Rocker Bar, Hannover, Germany
    10/10—Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster, UK
    15/10—Chesters Live, Berlin, Germany
    16/10—Marie Antoinette, Berlin, Germany
    18/10—Star Club, Uster, Switzerland
    23/10—Garage Deluxe, Munich, Germany
    25/10—Aldstadt Cafe, Eindhoven, Netherlands…

    Here a little promo clip they just done up to promote the tour:

  • glam_junkie
    4 weeks ago

    this new set up is confusing... where are all the topics hiding now?

    mrs v. viper what you are looking for is at
    Its all dead tho :'(
    4 weeks ago
  • glam_junkie replied to Band Recommendations
    4 weeks ago

    confess 'jail' is their 3rd cd.

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  • glam_junkie shared a photo.
    8 months ago

    Anything you wanna share with us Peter? This soundwave poster was just put up and removed a minute later. Mistake on poster or late addition?

  • glam_junkie replied to Groups - good or bad?
    8 months ago

    i think it's getting very confusing with a live feed, a forum, and groups. Too many places to look for virtually the same sort of posts. What is the...

  • glam_junkie Merchandise
    8 months ago

    any updates on baby / children clothes?

    peterlondon yes, working on it finally
    2 months ago