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Mcinsanity: haha, so different times :D
KerLondonLepard: yeah ahahah :D
madcandy: hahah
Danny Oliveira: yeah
KerLondonLepard: :D
Mcinsanity: Have you got all crashdiet records? I have only Generation wild
KerLondonLepard: I miss only The Unattractive Revolution
Mcinsanity: Cool! :)
Danny Oliveira: I have nothing :( 'cause here in my city there's nothing from Crashdiet :( :(
Danny Oliveira: so sad
Danny Oliveira: but i will buy from internet on my vacationd
Danny Oliveira: vacations
KerLondonLepard: I have Rest in Sleaze,Generation Wild,and the Savage Playground and then Illegal Rarities Volume 1 :)
Mcinsanity: :(
Danny Oliveira: cool
Mcinsanity: wow, I wan't to find Rest in sleaze and savage playground
KerLondonLepard: yeah! :D
KerLondonLepard: ohw :(
KerLondonLepard: you will order to peter in a shop online! :D
madcandy: i've Rest In Sleaze and Generation Wild
recently order The Savage Playground :) )
KerLondonLepard: you can*
KerLondonLepard: ohw
KerLondonLepard: Saga you can order it in a shop of crashdiet :)
Mcinsanity: yes! :D
KerLondonLepard: :D
Mcinsanity: I really want, but my parents... they are barriers of everything
KerLondonLepard: ohw....I'm so sorry :(
Mcinsanity: You can only imagine how hard was get this shirt...
KerLondonLepard: when I was 14 years old too...hehe it is normal...:)
Mcinsanity: yes.. horrible time
KerLondonLepard: yeah...I know...now no more cause I am 19 years old...hehe..
Danny Oliveira: i know exacly how is...Mcinsanity
Mcinsanity: I wish I was too more than 18..
KerLondonLepard: Yeah...
Danny Oliveira: I'm 16 years old so just more 2 years for freedom hehe
KerLondonLepard: yeah really :)

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