Alright now…!

I realized one thing on my way home from the Grammy awards earlier today. I put on this one song that I really love, and damn, I really love that song. The lyrics just fits me, perfectly. I can identify with it. It gives me so much hope about life, that another person – who is a great artist – obviously carries around the same feelings that I do. It proves that I’m not the only one carrying these feelings. I feel connected to this artist and I love his work. His work makes my life easier.

The main reason I love to make music and release this music to the public is because I hope that someone else can connect to this, and sometimes feel the same way I do about things. And maybe I can help this person through the day. Maybe this person can put on our music on his / her way to work – and somehow feel that life isn’t so bad  after all – because there is music in this world. That’s how I feel, when I listen to music.

If I have contributed to making even ONE person’s life easier by listening to our music, I feel that life is pretty much worth it, after all. And I feel that that’s exactly the reason why I’m still here. I really hope we’ve made a difference for people. I really hope that’s the case.

If it is, I’ll fall asleep like the happiest guy on earth tonight :D





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I must say that I’m overwhelmed by the number of encouraging comments attached to my last post, he he, thank you guyz!

And yes, therapy really is a good thing and I’d say it’s something that everybody would have use of, you know, just to go there once in a while and check things, haha… It’s so easy to get stuck in negative patterns, damn it, sometimes you need someone with experience who can just guide you a little bit through this insanely difficult thing called “life”….

Well… happy to say that I’m feeling better nowadays… was going through some photos from our old site and found some good memories in there, haha. I uploaded a few too to this site as you might have noticed already…

It actually amazes me a little that we’ve been to all these places… While the tour is going on you ain’t got much time to reflect over things, and when you get home everything is chaotic for a while too. So I’m taking a moment right now to reflect over the last 3 or 4 CRASHDÏET-years…  We’ve actually done a lot of stuff… and played a lot of shows… no time wasted he he.

I’ll keep looking through the photos as they make me smile. That’ll be enough therapy for today. :)


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Damn, 2013 was a tough one for sure! I seriously hope to be able to pull myself up from this black deep hole I’ve been in since around May last year. I’ve been going to therapy (still am) and it has helped me tremendously, gotta keep doing that for a while because I’ve seriously lost my path of life here lately :/. Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it haha!



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It’s funny how life can seem to be so incredibly dark and difficult at times, then all of a sudden it changes into being something that is pretty nice after all.

And it can’t be only the alcohol. Not this time. The future looks kinda bright again, and I love it :P . Cheers

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Earlier today, when I was laying in the pool, I I noticed that I wasn’t alone in there. Right next to me I spotted a poor little bug that had fallen into the water. I wondered if he was still alive, so I picked him up, walked out of the pool and put him in a dry area right next to the water. And I watched him closely. It took a while, but after maybe 30 seconds he started moving a little. About a minute later, he flew away – back to reunite with his family and friends, I like to imagine :) .

This picture was taken only seconds before he was dry enough to fly again.

It feels great to have saved a life today!

Now off to do some shopping, still need to get 3G working on my iPhone. Been having way too much time off from you guyz lately :P .


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I’m feeling great because I managed to do some jogging this morning (in my brand new $13 Walmart jogging shoes, very price worthy!), after that a quick swim in the pool followed by a long and awesome breakfast and now I’m laying by the pool again enjoying life. Trying to do as little as possible. Total happiness!


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1.75 liters of Bourbon = $14.99!


I agree!


I waited for hours… No, wait, I’m on vacation :P


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I had a great BJ last night… And then I passed out at like… 9 PM… woke up today at 7 and the sun is just coming up. Yes Sweden, California has a sun! I’m already out by the pool enjoying it.


Got no big plans for the day except going grocery shopping but that was the only plan I had for yesterday too but we failed, haha.

It’s nice to not be in a rush for once! Life ain’t so horrible after all :) .


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Flights have been going great so far! As usual everybody is extremely polite and service minded and I really love that, in the US I don’t have to feel like a weirdo for being so nice and polite, haha.

I’m currently in Chicago and I got 2 hours left until my last flight to Sacramento. I managed to find an outlet here at some hallway so I’m charging all my little devices in case they have wifi on this last plane which I think they do :D .

And yes I am pretty tired since I only managed to take a really quick nap on the plane. I watched two Disney movies and the rest of time I was writing little stories and thinking about everything that’s been going on lately. All in all I had a perfect and very relaxing flight over the Atlantic sea. My laptop is almost charged now so I think it’s time to hit the bar, I’ll get back to you a little later :)


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