Key club tonite

Getting ready for key club tonight. Apparently it´s almost sold out so you better get yer ass down there now if you dont have a ticket!

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4 Responses to Key club tonite

  1. Psychobunny says:

    Whoa, looks like you were trying to think there. Hope you didn’t hurt yourself in the process :-p Still nice pic. I do hope you guys have the time of your life. Take care and keep us updated! Over and out.

  2. Marmetal says:

    Hey Martin. Just so you know, you can watch your performance from the Key Club here:
    Have a great time.

  3. alexirhoads says:

    Last night at the Key Club/Club Vodka was killer! After all this time, it was great to see Crashdiet live on the sunset strip!

  4. Kayna says:

    Martin hahahahaha
    have a fucking great time in the Usa m/

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