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The time here is 00.40, I’m 30 and I just came home from one of my many jobs, I had my 17 hour shift today and I’m loving it, it’s so refreshing to completely work your ass off once in … Continue reading

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First of all I wanna thank you for all your nice comments, get well greetings and all that! It means alot to me, really. Thank you! Secondly I’d like to talk about my sleep again (so feel free to close … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with me damnit!? Last night I put 3 alarms on 3 different electronic devices = that’s 9 alarms in total. But I didn’t hear a single one of them, so I missed my flight to Münich!!! No vacation … Continue reading

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We’re such professionals by now, haha, we just recorded the last song for the album, in like one hour or so. At least everything except the vocals, we simply don’t have time for that during this session so we’ll do … Continue reading

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We’re on our last day of this studio session, can’t believe it’s almost over already . Well the good thing is that the songs really turned out good, can’t wait to show you all this :O. We still have some … Continue reading

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Without cleareyes I’d be dead damn it! I was laying awake last night from 2 am to almost 7 am, couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about how great 2013 is gonna be haha! But still, I’d prefer to sleep … Continue reading

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I’ve been trying to write this blog post the whole day but never really managed to do so until now! We’ve recorded alot of quires (as you’ll see on tomorrows studio clip haha so keep your eyes open) and some … Continue reading

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Last night I treated myself with some good (but of course extremely cheap) red wine and  just loads of cheese for dinner haha, that was awesome, I love cheese, but for one reason or another it kept me awake all … Continue reading

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It’s monday and I’m feeling great! Weekends annoys me a little because everything is closed. Not only Systembolaget hehe (Swedish liquor store) but also pretty much everyone else we’re working with are not answering e-mails and it slows things down. … Continue reading

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I fell asleep around 9 pm last night, haha, I was soooo tired the whole day, not sure why. Woke up at 8.30 am and I’m feeling a little bit stronger today. Today we’ll record a song titled SIN CITY … Continue reading

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