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Why is it that every time I try to get a pre-paid US sim card it simply does not work? Been on the line with this stupid net10wireless customer service and when I after about an hour finally got to … Continue reading

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Wow, finally on a working Internet connection again. Disneyland was awesome and the hotel we had was great too but I tend to quickly lose my patience with staying online in when the wifi does not work properly . Now … Continue reading

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Hey, I’m at Disneyland! We got so drunk last night, we finished a bottle of whiskey just the two of us haha I had the best time ever. Before that we had an awesome dinner at Rainforest Café and I … Continue reading

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The last time I tried to have some time off I missed my flight and canceled my vacation, things looks bright this time though as I’m already at the airport, waiting to board the plane to LA, god damn I … Continue reading

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Went up at 07, so tired, it was a miracle I manage to leave bed. Started working at 09, and from lunch time I was constantly about to fall asleep. Got off work at 19, went grocery shopping, came home … Continue reading

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This is Mr Pete Silver, my awesome new assistant. He showed up like this last Wednesday when the whole Stockholm city was pretty much closed / out of function due to the snow chaos, the fact there were no buses … Continue reading

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I just found some photo albums laying around here, they’re kinda funny so I thought I should share the best shots with you! Here’s me at the age of 5, pretty cool that I was a transvestite already, huh? I … Continue reading

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And this is what happened a little later : Still had an awesome time with my family! The right answers for the pictures below are #1 Whiskey, #2 Bloody Mary, nice stuff! I’m so hungover that I’ve forgot vital parts … Continue reading

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…and guess what I’m drinking now!?

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Guess what I’m drinking? Cheers! //LONDON

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