Aaaalmost done!

We’re on our last day of this studio session, can’t believe it’s almost over already :( . Well the good thing is that the songs really turned out good, can’t wait to show you all this :O.

We still have some polishing to do on some of the songs, and we also have to record one more bonus track today so we’re in a little bit of a rush to say the least but I’ll work out just fine, it always does!

Have to learn this new song now (NIGHT HELLRIDE), will be back later! Cheers!


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9 Responses to Aaaalmost done!

  1. Psychobunny says:

    Night Hellride? That sounds like something I might like a lot, hehe. Do you have a title for the album as of yet?

    If I remember correctly you got a short vacation coming so enjoy and relax. Guess you can use some time off after all the rush lately.

    Hopefully there’s some package waiting for your when you’re back home ;-)

    • peterlondon says:

      No title yet hehe. Yeah my vacation starts tomorrow. It’ll be aesome, and yes I definitely need to relax for a while now :P . Ahh yeah, haha, my birthday is coming up, I almost forgot. Thanks my friend :) //LONDON

  2. Laura says:

    awww Peter, don’t be sad, i bet it’ll be more awesome to play live ;)

  3. Annie says:

    “Hellride” remember Judas Priest hahhaha. Anyway, I’m sure this album is awesome and I can’t wait to hear. Good luck Peter :)

  4. Marmetal says:

    Cool song title, sounds heavy metal-lish! :D Good luck with all the stuff left for today and enjoy your vacations Peter! :)

  5. Chardonay says:

    Sounds awsome!!!
    How many songs are gonna be on the album ?
    Love the fact your doing extra bonustracks! Cant wait!!

  6. Psychobunny says:

    Oh come on, what about a double CD? :-P

  7. Nadine says:

    Yeah :)

    ,Hellride’ sounds good. ,Hellride’ i like the name.
    it sounds interesting. :)
    Ohh ! I’m so exciting about the new album.
    Tell me more about it; PLEASE !!!!
    i can’t wait.

    enjoy your vacation and celebrate you birthday :D

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