Airport beer

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14 Responses to Airport beer

  1. Psychobunny says:

    Woah, Zombie look! *G* Cheers, my dear!

  2. XiLaii says:

    Have a safe trip! :3

  3. Miss says:

    There’s breakfast-beer, lunch-beer, dinner-beer, supper-beer, snack-beer….aaaand airport-beer ;)
    /Miss Obscene

  4. Marie says:

    And of course , there’s the sleeping beer.
    Really good looking

  5. Sinz says:

    Jag vill ta en öl på en flygplats och ge peter en kram!

  6. Eva says:

    cheers and a save trip to you guys ;)
    looks like we have the same mobile phone haha


  7. Rita says:

    Beer for breakfast is always the best day to start you day!! Cheers

  8. FayCd says:

    Skål Peter :D

    Hope you had a nice trip after enjoying this beer;)

    Love ya:)

  9. Sylwia says:

    cheers, love you all ;D

  10. Sofie says:

    Cheers! <3

  11. mrs v. viper says:

    A beer sounds sooo good right now…
    Have a good time :)

  12. Melisa says:

    lmao love this!You guys kinda always look cool!CHEERS!

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