…and the result

And this is what happened a little later :

Still had an awesome time with my family!

The right answers for the pictures below are #1 Whiskey, #2 Bloody Mary, nice stuff!

I’m so hungover that I’ve forgot vital parts of the English language so communication is slow here, I’ll be back tomorrow with a brain that works I hope :) Good night!


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10 Responses to …and the result

  1. Jenny says:

    Whiskey!! So I was right :D
    Great picture dude.. bet you couldn´t get in bed alone xD
    So make your brain work and have fun with your hangover :D
    Oooh by the way I remember one day in school when i was little we had to write a text about pets in english lesson :D i wanted to write something about cats but didn´t knew the word “cat”… so I looked it up in dictionary. Hangover in germany is called “Kater” and thats what an male cat is called in german, too… so I wrote that I played with my hangover :D teacher laughed ;)

  2. Dakota Gill says:

    Fortunately I’ve never had a terrible hangover and I’ve drank A LOT during those times, I don’t know what I’m doing right but I’m not complaining haha!. Hope your brain is ok by tomorrow and you can speak english again. Although a blog post in swenglish might be quite enjoyable haha!

    Get some sleep Peter!

  3. Psychobunny says:

    Must have been the whisky – Bloody Mary is too healthy to make you hung over *G* My problem when I’m hung over (thank god always without a headache, no matter what I drink or how much *knocks on wood*) is that I can’t remember the words in German but rather in English. Or sometimes I can’t remember them at all :-P

  4. Emilie says:

    I understand swenligsh better than English xD

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