Back again!

Damn it, when working nights two nights in a row with only a short 4 hour break (for hysterically packing & shipping webshop orders) it’s completely impossible to find the time for my dear blog, however, as pretty much nothing new or exciting have happened maybe it’s not the end of the world after all. You already know that I’m doing my best to keep you updated and as you also know about my work hysteria maybe you can have some patience with me ha ha.

So today was my last day with numbers and paper work for a while and I’m feeling great about having that little project finished, finally I have a spread sheet with this whole year’s financial activity in it, well as I’ve already said I’m awesome because it’s been taking days of non stop work to finish this. Next time I truly hope we’ve got the money for paying someone else to do this awful work, or at least pay me for it so I won’t have to work nights at some other place and days with this ha ha. I should do creative stuff not numbers. But well, my knowledge in this shit made it possible for us to escape some certain not-so-good collaborations we’ve had in the past and become our own bosses instead so to speak. A change for the better I’d say :P .

Next project is to finish our upcoming DVD, well it’s Martin’s project basically. He should be able to post some news within a day or two, or possibly three. Stay tuned!

And yeah – 869 upcoming albums sold so far! That’s quite amazing. Our fan campaign ends in just 3 days. Did you get your copy yet? (You probably did..:))

Luv ya!


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14 Responses to Back again!

  1. Marthy says:

    Great to hear you London! You make me smile, and I need to smile, I’m sad, damned depression after concert! I saw Slash, Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators in Rome and they’ve been PERFECT, and now I miss them :(
    Can’t wait to hear the new record, see this upcoming DVD and see you live! ;)

    • Viper says:

      I feel ya! Post concert depression is the worst thing ever :( Very familiar with it myself…

    • Gaia says:

      Same here. I just can’t help but thinking about the concert for weeks, I feel some kind of mental alienation and I can’t focus on anything else. Rather than depression it seems more like an after concert schizophrenia, hehe.

  2. Psychobunny says:

    Hello Mr. Awesome, how are you today? Spread sheets *shudder* Maybe you should look for a job as accountant as you’re obvious quite good with numbers ;-P

    Aaaaah, so Sweetz pet project has not died and been buried after all. Glad to hear indeed.

    Wow, so many albums pre-ordered already, not bad. And you know I already placed my order(s) *G* Make a blog entry once you hit 1000, will you? Good excuse (as if we needed one) for an impromptu party too, hehe.

    Now excuse me – just got home from work and need food. That growling sound in the background? Either my stomach or the demon in me. It’s almost Halloween after all, time to take off my human mask and let it out, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Have a nice and hopefully (haha, who am I kidding) quiet evening.

  3. Kitty says:

    We all hope that you’ll achieve your dreams: you’re working so hard for them and you deeply deserve it! You’re stubborn, as well as awsome :-p , so you have an incentive.. Fingers crossed for 2013!!!
    I really admire you.
    Big hug :)

  4. The Baron says:

    I know the feeling been looking at budgets and spreadsheets all day! Cannot wait for the new album, placed my order the other day, I just love the demo of Circus! You guys deserve the biggest success, look forward to seeing you back in the UK (Glasgow and Edinburgh please!!)

  5. Marmetal says:

    Welcome back after a short break Peter. When I imagine you being drown in those numbers, files, sheets, documents… it must be tough! Your patience is admirable and inspiring. But it’s good you’re in control of all the things so no one will do any bad business-thing to the band as you’re aware of everything by now.
    It’s also very good to hear that the DVD project wasn’t forgotten. It surely will be an exciting one as it is supposed to cover first days with Simon ’til the world domination. A lot of interesting footage from many places.
    And to be honest, I haven’t ordered the CD yet and I feel very ashamed to admit that. But I’m simply broke and can’t buy absolutely anything at the moment so I’ll probably make an order in January or February. Sorry.
    Have a good evening and take some well-deserved rest. Best greetings.

  6. Elisa Marcon says:

    i’m so happy for you!
    869 albums sold is really a great goal!
    Good luck for everything!
    You know that i rooting for you! :)

  7. Viper says:

    Okay, a little ashamed here, but can I just ask this? is there a difference how much money you get after distracting all that production/label/whatver shit for you when I preorder AFTER the campaign is over?
    I know I’m overly morally wanna be saint-ish when it comes to this, but i don’t want my name to appear someweher just because I paied an reasonable price for an Album, also I’d be ashamed to just pay that split amount, and I can’t afford my name on your ass :P
    (And I don’t care what people think, I can’t do the right thing always, but I chose to try to the the morally right thing for me personally when it comes to “my” bands… deal with it.)

  8. Laura says:

    869, that’s awesome! :D
    Just one question, will you please reply to me?
    When I log in to my account and watch my order information, order status says that it’s processing. Is it okay, have I done everything right? Maybe it’s a stupid question but I’ve been wondering this awhile, just wanna be sure :P

    I’m so exited for the album!! Will you release the DVD at the same time? ;)

  9. Rush says:

    After all, I think that you really can’t be human being, because your skills are really amazing and… yeah, awesome, I’m not able to find better word to describe it. :D For me, it’s impossible to imagine that somebody can work so much. But well, at least you can be very proud and satisfied with yourself! :) And it’s finally done, so you’ll have (probably) time without papers for a while, right?
    I can’t wait for DVD, I need to buy a present for myself for my birthday/Christmas, hehe. :P I haven’t got any of your DVDs yet, so I’m a bit excited.
    Wow, so happy that so much people preordered the new album! :) It’s very nice and high number in my opinion. But honestly, I’m afraid right now, coz I’m not sure if I’m in the first 300, haha. Well, if not, it’s sure that the album will make me happy anywayz.
    Hope that you finally get some rest! ;)

  10. Gaia says:

    869 copies? That’s great! After all an amazing band must have amazing fans, right? ;) Too bad I don’t have many savings in my account or I’d have ordered the Overkill one, hehe.

    I hate everything related with numbers (even though I know I’ll have to deal with them sooner or later in my life) so I hope you can get rid of all that boring paper work as soon as possible! Anyway it’s no surprise you are the one taking charge of it for now because you really seem the most strict and reliable among the guyz when it comes to sort things out like accounting and stuff, hehe.
    And of course can’t wait to hear more about this DVD!!

  11. Lenka Juricova says:

    869 – that’s great..

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