Back home…

Sorry about the lack of updates during the weekend but we had no internet connection at all, and it certainly made me realize how internet addicted I actually am haha. I’ve missed Sweden and our 3G so much, it’s nice to be back home!

Came home late last night and now I’m on my way to work and I’m not off until 12 tonight but I’ll try to write you a short summary of this weekends adventures during the day or early tomorrow so please just hold on a little longer :) . Cheers


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  1. Bex Nash says:

    Haha…. Heard it was one hell of a gig. Can’t wait to hear the stories from you. Loving the new hair cut. Don’t burn yourself out. Heard Simon went crazy hahaha. Broke his mic stand, tried to fix it (didn’t work) jumped all over it whilst swearing, fell over, jumped in the crowd. Tried to shove the girl off stage with his boot after she got up and sang lol.

    Sounded like one awesome gig. Right don’t work too hard today :p

    Take care

    • Viper says:

      i think actually the mic didnt work coz they shut him down…

      • Laura Victory says:

        Haha, his rant was THAT bad? ;) Why does he get so angry on stage sometimes? Maybe I need to send him a bag of “herbal love” from Holland…. ;)

        • Viper says:

          guess you haven’t heard ;) . there was a firealarm set off during crashdiets set. They wanted to evacuate the hall, and they shut him down because he was obviously in a position to make people stay. (we did btw)

          • Jenny says:

            Hahaaa never thought of leaving the hall :D
            We stayed, too.

          • Laura Victory says:

            So there wasn’t even an actual fire/ potential danger??? Now I understand Simons anger! Thanks for enlighting me on this one, you are right, is wasn’t there, I was busy preparing a stupid assessment all weekend… :(

        • Bex Nash says:

          Simon’s passionate bout performing, the band, their music and giving the fans a great show. That’s why I believe in him. He believes and feels every word he sings! Not alot of singers can do that. A rare talent.

          • Bex Nash says:

            He also doesn’tjust stand there and accept things, he fights for what he believes in and thinks right! :)

          • Viper says:

            well it doesn’t really matter if there is a “real” danger or not. law is law, and you can’t always see if the is a potential danger or not. So the hall people were actually right. They can be held resonsible badly if they don’t try to evacuate the venue. in this particular case people thought it was safe because there were so many smokers inside that everyone assumed that set it off. turns out it was a burned cable, but thats another thing. Also. and thats what I got from all the people around me, was a strict “No, we’re not going to have Crashdiet cancelled/shortened again!” german fans had some bad luck with that lately ;) i don’t think there is anyone to blame really. it was just the anger at the overall situation I think and refusal to just follow some orders that in that case seemed ridicioulous. I dunno, i felt it was sort of a natural thing to happen. :)

        • Chardonay says:

          @Laura Victory

          hey ben je ook nederlands? je hebt echt wat gemist, het was echt geweldig! volgende keer moet je gewoon gaan!

          • Laura Victory says:

            Yep! So I was relatively close, but this date was just impossible. Hopefully next time I have this job, so I don’t have skip my weekends for some time!! :)

  2. Marmetal says:

    Welcome back Peter, we missed you as much as you missed the Internet ;) . And Bex, that’s the way Simon does it, he’s real, he’s true! :) Looking forward to read your stories Peter, have a nice day!

  3. Nadine says:

    Nice to hear that you arrived well in sweden. :)

    From what I’ve heard, the festival must have been really cool.
    Simon is just a real stage hog. ;-)
    And i think you family was really happy to have you back even if it were only a few hours. :)
    I can’t wait to read the stories from you.

    Have a nice day and take care of yourself and do not overwork you. :)

  4. Psychobunny says:

    Good to hear you’re back home sound and safe. What I hear I did miss a great gig, dammit. Still not completely recovered. Will check out the YouTube vids Sweetz tweeted later on. Missed you ;-)

  5. Elisa Marcon says:

    I’m also becoming internet-addicted!
    especially because I’m one of the 3 admin of the Italian’s Crashdiet fan page on facebook so I’m always busy!
    In fact, I believe that in the near future (when I have enough money) I’ll buy a new phone that has internet access! :)

  6. Heather Breeze says:

    Internet junkies unite!

    Hope you had a great weekend. Can’t wait to hear how it went. (The comments on here are especially tantalizing.)

  7. Linkan says:

    Seriously, release the god damn ablum already… !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.. cant wait!!! :)

  8. Chardonay says:

    no matter what the gig and everything was awsome… so glad you guys didn’t cancelled it… see ya next time again!

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