Back in the Kingside studio

Alright then sorry about my absence but my mind has been totally blank during the last few days, haha, not sure why but I think I’ve been having a little too much going on lately, not complaining though – everything we do seems to turn our into a success these days – I’ve got so many cool news here that I’d like to share with you but I simply can’t do so yet because nothing is 100% confirmed but keep an eye on our facebook and you’ll see something awesome within the next few days I hope!

However… I woke up early today, before everybody else, so I went up and made some super strong coffee and my usual breakfast. It’s really nice to be up first and get some time alone. I mean I truly love all these people that are here but still, it’s nice with some peace and quiet for once, you might think how rock n’ roll is that but when you have noise around you 24/7 you get a different opinion after a few years!

But it’s lovely to be back in this studio – the owner’s are the best guys we’ve ever met and every song we record here turns out magically awesome. Can’t wait to show ya all! Well most of you probably already bought the record hehe so you’ll hear soon :) !

Today we’ll start working on a song titled “Damaged kid” and it’s one of my all-time favourite CRASHDÏET songs so that’ll be great.

It’s raining outside otherwise I’d be out running already – but I’ll do that later!

I’ll keep ya updated! Luv ya all!


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9 Responses to Back in the Kingside studio

  1. Psychobunny says:

    Morning, sunshine! Still didn’t get to your emails I guess, hmpf. Guess I’ll send your b-day pressie to the Huddinge address then and hope you’ll get it in time ;-)

    Now you really got me curious and a bit furious. I still don’t have a f***book account you know. Not even for you guys, ha! How about using that Google+ account a bit more often, hm?

    Thanks for the pics yesterday and the sneak peek. I’m 200% convinces this album will be one of the best ever. The way you guys are commited to your music it can only be great.

    Have a great day and keep rocking! Cya in about 4 weeks – be prepared for gifts, muahahahahaaaaaaaa

    • peterlondon says:

      sorry, I just replied to your e-mail. been a bit overloaded with e-mails lately :P //LONDON

      • Psychobunny says:

        LOL, I can imagine. Anyway, thanks a lot – package will go out on Monday so it should arrive in time. And don’t you dare pulling a Sweet and open it before your actual birthday *deathglare*

  2. Marmetal says:

    Good morning Peter. Good to read everything’s fine and well and that things turn out to be so great for you and the band. Is “Damaged Kid” in any way influenced by Metallica’s “Damage, Inc.”? ;) I know Simon loves that one :) . The title suggests quite a fast song but I might be completely wrong. Come here for a good Italian coffee I’m making, I can assure you’d like that one :) . Enjoy your day and keep being awesome! Best greetings.

  3. Marthy says:

    Much love for coffeeeeeeee!!
    And sometimes it’s good being alone :)
    I really can’t wait to hear this new album guys… Love you! xxx

  4. Annie says:

    OMG! I’m sure this album will be amazing, every day only makes me more excited for it. And please don’t forget to keep us informed. Take care.
    (Oh, Brazil wants Crashdïet again :/)

  5. Salomé RNFNR says:

    Hey Peter!! I’m so happy for you!!!! I can’t wait for the new album, i’m very exited!! And i sent you a message on Crashdiet’s official facebook page but you have never answered, i think you are very busy. If you have time you could go to see it plz =) France needs you for a concert!!! I wish you the best <3<3

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