Back on trakk =)

Things took a drastic turn yesterday. We got a new bus, Peter fixed his back and the weather was amazing! The gig in Passignano sul Trasimeno was sweaty as hell and there was a lot of pleased dietheads attending. We were in good spirits :)

See you tonight, Pinarella!

The venue

Hardcore chillin out

Just after taking a swim in the ocean.

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10 Responses to Back on trakk =)

  1. OdaStripe says:

    Good too see you are “Back On Track”!ehe.
    Peter Peter Peter, how did you get the backpain in the first place?

    Lookin’ a bit confused.. Tough night? : P

  2. Psychobunny says:

    Ha, glad to hear that you could solve all those nasty problems and extra happy to hear about Peter’s back being ok again. Weather’s great here as well, lucky you. Another two days… *bigfatgrin* Have fun tonight and let it rock!

  3. mrs v. viper says:

    oh damn!! just don’t you every worry me like that agian!! :O so glad now!!

  4. XiLaii says:

    So pleased that everything is looking up again :)

  5. Going for a swim? xD Sweet.

  6. FayCd says:

    Ohh I’m happy to hear all that! And I’m so happy that Peter is ok with his back pains :D
    Ohh’re sooo sweeet♥

    Btw,if you want hot weather and seas to swim just come in greece! We have up to 25 degrees :D

    Keep on rockin’
    Älskar dig♥

  7. Lilly says:

    Hi dudes !

    I want you to know that you was fuckin awesome in Paris ! I was there with my man but there were too many people to congratulate you. So cool to follow you through the tour thanks to your website.

    I know you’re on the road but i would like to know if you guys would be agree to send a note to my boyfriend for his birthday which is next April 14? He really admires you a lot.

    Hope not to disturb you.
    Lest’s rock!

    Lilly xxx

  8. Antonio says:

    Hi Martin,

    too short, but awesome gig last night in Pinarella.

    See you next time.

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