Hello people! Just a little pic from the sunny antwerpen in belgium :


Did’nt expect it really but the weather here is really awesome.

Well as you probably have figured out we’ve just left the UK and we are in a surprisingly good condition.

The crowd in london was amazing probably the craziest we’ve ever had.
Keep it up – we’ll be back soon.

Time for soundcheck now. See ya :)


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11 Responses to Belgium!!

  1. Psychobunny says:

    Well, hello there. I knew I was missing something here just couldn’t figure out what it was *G* Good to see/hear you’re having such a great time. Just stay in good condition for at least another week, ok? Otherwise I might have to revive you guys and I’m a trained first aider… *cracks knuckles*

  2. Mariane says:

    UOU! I thought that Peter had lost the password for the blog! ;)

  3. XiLaii says:

    I miss you guys already :(

  4. Miss says:

    It’s starting to get painful hearing about people’s great experiences on this tour xD These 13 days better go fast as hell…

  5. filip says:

    peter looks not like he use to in this picture :p

  6. Eva says:

    it’s great that you guys are having a good time!! :)

  7. FayCd says:

    I’m glad to hear that you liked it and you’re having a good time :D

    Hope you’ll have a great time in the following concerts and of course keep rockin’ as always ;)

  8. Sylvia says:

    I’ve never been in Belgium, but when I finally will come to this town I must check all shops. (; And some interesting places, which you should recomend us (;

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