Christmas cruising

Guess what I’m drinking?




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10 Responses to Christmas cruising

  1. Laura says:

    not water :D

    cool hat :)

  2. Psychobunny says:

    Cheers! Looks like grogg? So what’s to eat then? Enjoy whatever you and your family are doing tonight. Have fun.

    I’ll have a glass of Irish Mist now and then totter off to bed with my kindle e-book reader *G*

  3. Lenka Juricova says:


  4. Val says:

    Cheers my friend! :)
    I dream of drinking a little glass … but I’ve a lot of work for my exams :(

    Have fun! :D

  5. beautïful says:

    Whatever it is, I’d like one of those.

  6. izzeizzieizzeizzie says:


  7. Marmetal says:

    Enjoy your cruising without Mr. Cruz ;) . Cheerz!

  8. Emma-Louise says:

    Something with vodka in it :P

  9. Jenny says:

    It´s apple juice!! :D Or is it whiskey? xD
    However, I hope it tastes good

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