Dark n ugly

Last night was interesting… Half of Hardcore Superstar slept outdoors.. We had roof over our heads but slept on the floor and I cannot tell you why.. This tour is getting ugly..

See you tonight Zürich!

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18 Responses to Dark n ugly

  1. Jassi says:

    Love it when Simon plays harmonica :3

  2. mrs v. viper says:

    all power to you!

  3. Miss says:


    Yeah love the harmonica <3
    /Miss Obscene

  4. Psychobunny says:

    Oh, love the outdoor camping scout style *G* Hope you’ll sleep better tonight after you rocked Zürich.

  5. Joon says:

    Haha, awesome you little monsters ;) Simon is a fucker on harmonica! Keep rockin’


  6. denise says:

    well,it looks like you guys still made it cozy:D
    hope the rest of the tour is going well!


  7. Sylvia says:

    I have no idea that Simon is such a talented person. (; But he cough to much (; Maybe he should try some medicaments (but not this from London)?

  8. Oda says:

    OMG, did you guys cet robbed or somethin’? that must have been stone cold.

  9. filip says:

    coolt med munspel (simon) och uteliggar style haha:p

  10. ano says:

    SLUTT Å DRIKKE SÅ JÆVLIG!! Jeg blir sint som faen, dere er mennesker og dere skader dere selv. Sorry ass…-.-’

  11. alex says:

    keep it up guys you still rocked and were awesome to us!!! true pro and nice guys

  12. heidi says:

    looks like fun…NOT!!!

  13. heidi says:

    sweet has got to be gay

  14. FayCd says:

    OMG! I looove it! You guys totally rock!

    I wish I could be somewhere near to see youuu xD

    Keep on rockin´ and have a lot of fun!

  15. SLICK says:

    Hey Martin,

    saw you guys on wednesday at the Batschkapp in Frankfurt. Amazing gig. One of the best concerts I went too.

    I’ve got one question.
    What was the intro song you guys did walk on to? This killer metal tune. It really kicked my ass.

    • MartinSweet says:

      Resurrection by HALFORD

      • SLICK says:

        Yeah, I thought about Priest because he sounded like Halford but I never heard this “priest”-song before and the production didn’t sound like priest, I thought.

        Well, thx for the info.

        And again thx for the great show!

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