Dear blog!

I messed up again :O.

The truth is that I haven’t been feeling very great lately. I’ve worked hard, played hard and partied even harder and too much of the good stuff makes me lose focus and in the end I lose my vision for what the meaning of life really is, and from that point I’m completely lost in space :) .

It’s a bit funny though, how I was in such good shape and then how I let ONE GIG (Huddinge festival 01/06) ruin the whole rythm :P . Well, you live & you learn and I’m certainly no professional yet :) .

But a lot of great things have happened lately and while I collect the last pieces for getting my life back on track I’ll write you a short summary here :

We made some new friends at the EXTEND hair studio and I’m glad to say that it’s the first time I bleached my hair at a studio and actually was 100% happy with the results. Martin looks rad nowadays as well as you’ve already seen, thanks to them. Check them out when you’re in stockholm and in need of a hair fix – they’re located at östgötagatan 55. They’re on facebook as well.

Street-view :P

Getting started!


Me and eric shit-chatting…

Two iPhone Nerds @ the Extend Hair Studio.

Good lookin’ Martin!!!

I already wrote a few lines about the show in Huddinge and you already know I had a blast  (that’s probably why the after party did not end until just recently) so I won’t mention that again!

A few dayz after that we went to Finland to open up for Mötley and that’s something I really couldn’t see coming 5-10 years ago so it was a big happening for little me :P .

Day one – getting ready to rock :P .

Day two – getting ready to fly home!

We were on a very early flight so I was a bit fucked up during the first half of the day (because of the usual sleeping problems) but once the super excitement kicked in everything went on smoothly :) . Simon put his pants on fire and in overall I think we had a great show and the audience was really with us. Thank you finland – I enjoyed every second!

Later on that night we decided to go to sweden rock festival the next day, so we did, and I got the chance to see mötley again, and in my eyes they did a killer show that night that I’ll never forget.

HELLFEST was chocking as well! We didn’t know what to expect really but it turned out to be one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to, very well organized and the local crew guyz was one of the nicest guyz we’ve ever popped into during a gig. Hope to see ya next year!

Here’s Martin & Marco at the backstage area of HELLFEST. A few moments later some guys from Jack daniels came and gave us a bottle for free.

I saw Sebastian Bach, Guns n’ Roses & Mötley Crüe during the two days we stayed there – what a fucking line-up!!! Needless to say – I enjoyed these gigs like nothing else, even though the sound volume on the Mötley gig was way too low…

After that I got seriously drunk and my boyz escorted me into a cab, but I had lost the key of course so me and my best-french-buddy Marco slept in the hotel corridor before Martin came home and let me in – and this was the end of this year’s sucessful HELLFEST for me!

Martin tried to sneak in a bottle of PROFFS hairspray on the plane but luckily the airport security caught him… Wonder what he was gonna do with the hairpsray? Hijack the plane? Only Martin knows…

Got home two days ago, had some quick rest and in a few days we’re leaving for HOLLAND / AMSTERDAM, oh my…

But before that I’ll be back with another story so stay tuned!


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30 Responses to Dear blog!

  1. Elena PrettyLittleThing says:

    I miss you my friend, come back to Italy asap.

  2. Anna Gable says:

    Extend is a really kick ass hair studio. They made the dreads I had before, as well as extentions, bleach, and colour. Some of them moved on to another studio on the Old Town, so now there are actually two good hair studios in Stockholm :)

    At the end of July, a lot of international friends will be in Stockholm, it would be great if you could find somewhere to play an acoustic or such… There’s actually lots of ppl in town who don’t fit the festival schedule with their holidays, so many will be happy if you would bring the music home!

    • peterlondon says:

      Hmm if we would play acoustic it would probably be outside in a park, or in the subway or something :P . There is unfortunately no way at all we can find the time to arrange a gig ourselves in one month hehe but offers are always looked into of course :) //LONDON

  3. Carrie says:

    Thx to YOU for the awesome show in Finland! I was in the first line and you guys totally rocked! Come back to Helsinki soon (with under aged gig plz). :D

    Btw, thx for the awesome designed T-shirt that I bought. ;)

    • peterlondon says:

      Thank YOU for buying that shirt :) . We will plan for a proper finnish tour on 4-5 dates or so during next year, no doubt about that! Hope to be able to do some matiné shows for the under aged crowd as well. Have a lovely day :) //LONDON

  4. Céleste Karasz says:

    You were awesome at the Hellfest!!! :) &: YEAH: come back next year!! ^^

  5. Psychobunny says:

    Ah, thanks for the update. I guessed you were a bit ….. let’s say distracted from the pics over at instagram. Some of those really made me laugh like a maniac, hehe.

    So did the story about you sleeping in the hotel corridor… somehow this is so you, I can’t say why.

    Anyway, glad you guys had a great time and are back home sound and save. Thanks again for the shitload of pics.

    Ok, last attempt: READ YOUR F…… EMAILS!!!

    Oops, sorry for shouting *cough* Just check back 2 or 3 weeks (or so…. my mind is slipping and I can’t check from work right now) and you’ll find it (unless you put me on spam, muahahaha). I really wanna get those keyrings for you guys but it’s no use ordering them if you don’t like ‘em. I might be wrong guessing your taste(s) after all (I doubt it but even the Psychobunny is oinly 99% perfect ;-P)

    Ok, back to work. Have a great day and be good *ahem*

    • peterlondon says:

      Ahh sorry, I loved those keyrings but I haven’t managed to reply yet, as you’ve already noticed… will take care of that asap! //LONDON

      • Psychobunny says:

        LOL, thanks. Didn’t want to poke you too much but I’m not sure how long those thingies are still available.

  6. Bex Nash says:

    Welcome back! Thought I’d lost for a while ;)

  7. Bunny says:

    You were so awesome in Helsinki ! I’ve to say that I didn’t even listen ur music so much before that gig, but after that you’re one of my favorite bands :) ! Really hope that I can see soon again :) Thanks for fucking awesome gig !

  8. Wow, sounds like an amazing month :) I’m craaaving a good Crashdiet gig and an after party with the whole Crash-family. Hopefully this fall will be full of those ^^

  9. Hey Peter, I was there with my band when you play in Finland opening for Crue…We were the guys with the Canadian Posters…it was fuckin awesome to se eyou guys, and we’re going to see you again in New York!

  10. Xilaii says:

    Sounds like such awesome fun! :D I’m so gutted that I had to miss Hellfest in the end – you would think that getting to France from here would be easy haha. Don’t forget a certain Island on your future travels either… It’s definitely missing you guys!

  11. Val says:

    Hey Peter! I look forward to seeing you at Bang Your Head festival, it was great the last time in Antwerpen :)

  12. Suvi says:

    Your Finnish gig was fantastic! I enjoy every minute of it. Since then I have been a little lazy, but I enjoyed a cup (crashdiet cup) coffee and done lyrics. My project is progressing at last :) I look forward to the new album.

    With love Suvi

  13. Nea says:

    You guys totally rocked in Helsinki!!! Really enjoyed the show : ) BIG THANK YOU! For sure coming to your gigs in the future : )
    Keep on writing this blog, it’s nice to read it!

    Ps. Martin’s hair is sooooo damn nice :3

  14. Mika says:

    Your hair looks awesome as well as the video that I saw of the new song, Anarchy, at Helsinki. I wish I could be in those festivals!! here in Argentina there are many, but not as cool as there :( Just imagine sebastian, motley, guns n´ roses and CRASHDÏET in the same stage, I would die fot it! :D
    Miss you here guyz!

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