Enjoying life :)

I had a great BJ last night… And then I passed out at like… 9 PM… woke up today at 7 and the sun is just coming up. Yes Sweden, California has a sun! I’m already out by the pool enjoying it.


Got no big plans for the day except going grocery shopping but that was the only plan I had for yesterday too but we failed, haha.

It’s nice to not be in a rush for once! Life ain’t so horrible after all :) .


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6 Responses to Enjoying life :)

  1. NightFalling says:

    Sounds good :) Enjoy your holidays, you deserve this. But the picture, grrr, I´m jealous :P It´s grey, rainy and just 16°C in Germany :( I want the sun to be back…

  2. Psychobunny says:

    Hope that wasn’t the only one you got last night… *cough* Sorry, I just can’t keep my vile brain in check ;-P

    And you’re actually enjoying not to be in a rush? There are still miracles, hallelujah!

    Anyway, glad you feel good and have fun. That’s the most important things in life, right? Right.

    Btw, can you send a bit of sun over here to Munich? I’m sick and tired of rain.

  3. Scarlett Cyanide says:

    Sounds really good :) Wish you a great holiday, enjoy :)

  4. Lady in Black says:

    WOW … sounds good !! Have a great holydays Peter and enjoy your time ;) … sometimes it’s nice to do nothing and relax … after all :D

  5. Marmetal says:

    “Yes Sweden, California has a sun!” – that made me laugh :D . Great to see you in a relaxed mood for a change, keep it up, enjoy the sun, enjoy the California and enjoy being yourself without a rush! Much love :) .

  6. Livingdead4life says:

    Yes Peter, Sweden has rain! Actually record was just a bit away from me, 79.3mm rain in 24 hour.
    And over 150mm rain in 3 days ! ( Thats my last week)

    So have fun in the sun!

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