Happy Birthday London!

The time here is 00.40, I’m 30 and I just came home from one of my many jobs, I had my 17 hour shift today and I’m loving it, it’s so refreshing to completely work your ass off once in a while! Should do good for my sleeping too, hopefully!

Have to get up early again tomorrow, back to work and then some of these awesome meetings regarding the next album and hopefully me and my lovely band mates ends up drinking alcohol somewhere.

I’ll send another update once I’ve slept and all that :)

See ya!


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66 Responses to Happy Birthday London!

  1. Brandon Holtry says:

    Happy birthday too my favorite bass player and the nicest person that I have ever had the honor too know. :) I hope you have a great birthday!

  2. Viper says:

    happy happy birthday Peter!

  3. Emma-Louise Davies says:

    Happy Birthday Peter!!! Have a great day :) :)

  4. Suvi Linnashovi says:

    Happy birthday!
    I sent an email, I hope that it will reach you :)

  5. Helena says:

    Have a sweet and lovely birthday. The big 3-0…luckily it’s on a Friday so you can party as you should ;) (Unless you’re working on Saturday, which I hope not).

  6. Annie says:

    Happy birthday London, another year and more shots of whiskey hahaha.

  7. Chardonay says:

    Enjoy your birtday man!!! Forget work for once, and party hard!!!
    Have fun tommorrow!!!

  8. Ary says:

    Happy B-Day Kitty-bassplayer.. I wish you loads of sleep to be full of energy to party hard!!! Rock on!!!

  9. Ruta says:

    Happy Birthday Peter!!! May everything you wish for in the coming year come true…
    Plus, I hope you get some quality cake action too – lol
    Oh, and 30 is just a number

  10. Heather Breeze says:

    Happy birthday!! <3 Have a good sleep and a great day! :)

  11. Bex Nash says:

    Happy 30th Birthday Sweetie :) I hope you have a really lovely weekend with your friends, drinking and laughing. Hope you get a great big cake too and as always remember to make a wish when you blow those candles out!

    Hugs and 30 kisses :p

  12. Rita Fabozzi says:

    Happy birthday!! It’s very good that you are keeping yourself busy it will help you! I hope you read my advice I gave you on your last blog about your sleep problem. I hope it helps you and I hope you start to get back on trakk ;) . Enjoy your bday and live it up!! Xo

  13. rainy_kate_sleaze says:

    happy birthday peter have a great day xo rainy.

  14. Trash Queen says:

    Here in Argentina still it’s 22:00 hrs of the 27th but i don’t care!!! so… Happy B-day London!!! I wish you many things ( and i wish write it but my English is terrible!!! hahahaha) I adore you! Party hard l.a.m.f.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kissesss!!!!

  15. Dakota Gill says:

    Happy 30th Peter!

  16. Laura says:

    Grattis Peter! :)

  17. Agnieszka says:

    Happy Birthday Peter!!!
    30 is a great number, go celebrate!!
    NYC misses you terribly already:)

  18. Psychobunny says:

    Happy Birthday my friend! Have a great day despite having to work. I’m sure the rest of the gang has a party planned for you. They better… Made a card for you which I will post on the forum later on. Will also send by email as I probably have to cut the size down a bit for the forum :-P

    Hopefully your sleeping pattern will get better now. But then again they say you need less sleep when you get older… :-D

    Big psychohugs to you from me. Cya soon!

  19. kamd says:


  20. Wikuzombie says:

    Happy birthday London. <3

  21. Carrie says:

    Happy birthday Peter! :]

  22. Janina says:

    Happy B- Day London :)
    Hope you have an awesome day !!

  23. Michiko says:

    Happy Birthday Peter !!

    I hope you have a lot of fun on your Birthday !!

  24. Nickie says:

    Happy Birthday Peter!:) wish you a great one!

  25. Tracy says:

    Happy Birthday London. I hope you have a fantastic day! hugs and kisses :)

  26. NiNNi says:

    Grattiis Peter! :)

  27. Salomé RNFNR says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU <3<3<3 I wish you the best =)

  28. Insane LA Kid says:

    Happy Birthday dude!!!!!!I want to send you a big funny letter,but dunnaw yer adress))so i wish u the best things that u realy need)May your life be as beautiful as your music)waiting 4 the ALBUM!!!!!))Greetings and hugs from Russia!!!!!!

  29. Manuela says:

    Grattis Peter !! I wish you all the best !! Have a awesome day m/
    Hugzz … Manu

  30. Marmetal says:

    Happy birthday my friend, enjoy it! Hope to meet you sometime in the future again. Have a nice day!

  31. ollie says:

    Happy Birthday Peter!!! Celebrate by NOT working 17 hours in a row tomorrow!:p

  32. Cristina says:

    Happy birthday Peter!!! i bet the guys are celebrating you as it’s meant to be!!!

  33. Jenny says:

    Happy Birthday Peter!!
    I wish you all the best. It´s said that when you´re 30 you look the most attractive :D
    Hope your day will be fine, enjoy it.

  34. Marthy says:

    Just… Happy Birthday Peter!! Have fun today and sleep, hahaha!
    Love you xxx

  35. VeronikaCZ says:

    Happy Birthday Peter!! I wish you sweet dreams :-) :-) Have a nice day. :-)

  36. Erika says:

    Happy Birhday from Italy Peter C:

  37. Nadine says:

    Happy Birthday tou you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Brithday dear Peter,
    Happy Birthday to you (Imagine that i sing it for you ;D )

    I wish you the best :D
    let you taste the cake :)
    have a nice day and let’s celebrate you :D

  38. Carolina says:

    Wish you a happy birthday and rockin’ evening! Hugs! :)

  39. ThronPerfekt says:

    Happy birthday Peter. Hope that all your wishes will be satisfied, enjoy your birthday. Have a nice weekend and a good sleep.

  40. Rush says:

    Hah, so you’re 30 now. Happy birthday, Peter, wish you all the best and I hope that your wishes come true as soon as possible and you would be finally able to sleep! :)

    I hope the next year of your life will be awesome for you! :)

  41. Ciara says:

    Happy Birthday London *-* have a really nice one *-* MWAH xxxxx

  42. Oda says:


  43. Roxxi says:


    birthday kissesssss xxx

  44. Madeleine says:

    Grattis!! <3

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