We just played Hellfest in France! Early as hell (11am), no warm up no nothing, just hit the stage as soon as our hair was in shape… I think we did quite a good job ;) the crowd was huge but yet a bit sober so thanxx to all u die hard fans in the front!

Right now chilling out with peter in the dining room / bar;)

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  1. Bex Nash says:

    11am is just a tad too early for me…..Steel panther wig-less?? Now this is a picture we have to see :) Lovin Simon’s bluer hair, I’m still beating him in the blue hair stakes tho :P Some awesome pictures you’ve put up over on Instagram :) How is Peter?, he’s gone all quite on us again but he look’s happy enough from the pics :) enjoy the rest of the gig and safe journey back home.

  2. Psychobunny says:

    Oh an update *rubs eyes* – thought you guys had all forgotten about the blog again *G* Thanks a lot for the huge pic spam over at instagram. Some of those pics made me chuckle a lot

    • Psychobunny says:

      Grrrr, hit the wrong button at the wrong time – again *headdesk*

      Anyway, glad you had such a great time even though Peter seems to have had a bit of a bad hair day yesterday, poor boy. Talking about which – my dearest fav blond is still owing me a reply to my latest email. His fault if you guys won’t get any sugar skull keyrings *grumps* Nah, I know you’re all mega busy at the moment so no sweat – yet *G*

      Oh and thanks for the update, Sweetz ;-P

  3. Val says:

    Yeah vive le Hellfest!!!
    I wasn’t there this year, but I’ll see you at Bang Your Head next month, see you soon! :)

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