Hello world!

I was laying sleepless the other night, thinking about my life and about me – what I am and what I want to be.

I realized that on some levels, I’m still holding back. I’m not holding back reaching for my goals, not at all, that struggle is always constant, but sometimes I’m holding back myself and my personality. I really need to work on this.

I actually love to blog because I enjoy communicating with you, my friends. But recently I’ve been blocked by other crap. I’ve really been in a sort of mental mess lately – but I’m on my way out of it and there are changes going on!

One of those changes is that from now on you can follow my everyday life on this new blog page Martin came up with the other day. Nice work huh :P .

Yesterday I managed to move the office outside. Here’s me, with my laptop in front of me and speakers on the ground, writing e-mails, making phone calls and trying to upgrade our forum :P .

I hope you’ll enjoy the silly little things I’m gonna write. I’ll certainly enjoy your company. And as always, feedback & suggestions on what you wanna see around here is always highly appreciated – I truly enjoy reading your comments.



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  1. Sandy says:

    I am a fairly new fan of Crashdiet. I am from the USA. One night I got tired of listening to the same old stuff on youtube so I looked over to the side to see what it suggested I might like. The first one was Negative….loved it. Then Reckless Love, meh it was pretty good, reminded me of Poison back in the 80′s. Then I found Crashdiet. Comparing you guys to Reckless Love, you guys have so much more talent than they do. I cant compare you to Negative because its a completely different type of music. Sleaze and emotional rock while people can like both shouldnt be compared. I will compare you Vains of Jenna who I was lucky enough to see in 2007 while Lizzy was still with them. Lizzys energy on stage would be hard to match, so I would like to see Simon on stage. I hope one day I get a chance to see you all………music here in the USA just sucks. Ultimate tour for me would be you guys and Negative!!! I shouldnt play favorites but Eric and Martin are my favs. I am 35 years old but when it comes to music I am still a teenager. I will never grow out of loving music. I write lyrics, but have no talent for instruments. I am trying to find someone that will write the melody parts. A friend and I have a plan to move out to LA next year. Gonna give it a shot, scared to death though. I have taken up enough of your time. I hope you read this and I would love to write to you more often.

  2. En förebild som alltid! :) ser fram emot att följa bloggen igen!

  3. Psychobunny says:

    Aaaaah, it’s really good to see you back here on the nifty new blog. Love what Sweetz did to the home page too. He better blog too now and then, the lazy bugger *G*

    I missed that everday madness around here alot so I’m a happy bunny. Be prepared for lots of stupid and snarky comments as usual ;-) I’m sure we’ll have some fun *rubs hands*

  4. Oohlalar says:

    I’m not normally one to follow blogs, cos mainly I think the people who write them just want to talk about themselves. This blog is an exception :D Chatter away! xXx

  5. Hi Pete

    Glad to see you writing in here. Sometimes you guys vanish and we miss you so freaking bad.
    Little changes have to be done and it’s good not only for the others, but for yourself . We are constantly looking for happiness and sometimes we have to take what hinders us and appreciate what really makes us stronger. It’s not easy at all, but in the end we see that was the right thing to do. Just follow you heart and go for it. Post everything in here for us to see and be inspired.

    See you next <3

    Paula Quissack

  6. Anna says:

    You are adorable Peter, seriously!!
    Thank you for your kindness :) ))

  7. Suvi says:

    I just wanted to tell you, or to all of you that your music keeps me alive. I have all of your cd.

    I have experienced more than many other 29 years old will experience during their lifetime bad things.

    However, I live for music, music is life … often I write about song lyrics, especially when I feel lonely.

    I’ll probably live my whole life alone (because no one understands me. If I like music and I dress differently than the others so I’m at a different value? ..), but even if it sometimes I cry so the music always cheer up, and now I look forward to because I have ordered products from you :) I want to drink your morning coffee from a cup Crashdiet <3

    Hug and kisses Supzu

    Ps: sorry for my bad english … I do not sleep at all last night again so I can not even think about spelling now

  8. Peter u guyz need 2 come 2 the U.S. especially the east coast i feel like it would be a huge deal for u and the fanz and dude i feel the same exact way every night!!! Ur my hero bro!! i really hope we can meet one day we would have a really intelligent conversation i just know it!!! ‘Till then feel better bro i know u miss Dave and you’re never alone with theze feelingz all rokk n’ rollerz and myself alike r completely on ur side!!! rokk n roll 4ever!!!

  9. Kalypso11 says:

    Peter, I hope you are feeling a little better already. Those times when you feel that your whole world is tearing apart are always heavy. But sometimes things just need to be torn apart so that new things can be built for a better, improved world. The last 3 years have been exceptionally shitty for me and I often wondered “WHY”. But somewhen I became like “What the f*ck” and dared to just DO certain changes I have been afraid of first. Know when I had this moment? Alone in the woods, full moon, playing “Heaven’s hung in black” by WASP. That was like the lowest I could get. One year after, I’m so thankful for this time when my whole life went to pieces because I’ve finally had the guts to build something…….waaaay better ;)
    Hugs from Austria (still waiting for ya to play here again, with some fresh Underberg ;)

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