How about this one?

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23 Responses to How about this one?

  1. Miss Obscene says:

    Oh my god… I’m officially in love with this T-shirt.

  2. XiLaii says:

    I want one! :P

    But what I’d like most of all is the long white tank top you blogged about a couple of months ago. XD

    Pretty please? :3

  3. Psychobunny says:


  4. Janita says:

    Can’t find the words.. *__*

  5. Melisa says:


  6. Marmetal says:

    Simple and good :) .

  7. steffi says:

    yaaay…. want it too

  8. Lukas says:

    Id totally buy! I’m serious! Not like
    “Love It <3333" "Cute :3" I'd buy this shirt if you print it…

  9. Axel says:

    Great old picture :) I’d buy it for sure :D

  10. Oda says:

    i would buy that instantly!!!
    I love that picture, one of my favourite pics ever, really!

  11. AxL says:

    I’d buy 2

  12. Stella Bella says:

    I want it

  13. Maria says:

    I want it=) love it to:)
    fin fin

  14. ThronPerfekt says:

    I want this T-Shirt it looks great !

  15. Tim says:

    Print it, print it, print it!

  16. jenn says:

    what about this one?

    i’m waiting for it since a loooong time T_T please

  17. sofie says:

    oh fuck jag vill ha denna *_* och den där vita tank topen ni visa för ett tag sen är jag förälskad i :> hoppas på att få se båda två i er webshop snart :3 köper direkt ;)

  18. Sofie says:

    Oh my!!! That one is a MUST-HAVE! *__* <3
    i LOVE it! <3

  19. JaneRoxx says:

    Thats good, but… Maybe you make this for girls too?

  20. amanda says:

    omg,fan den perfekta tröjan..skulle köpa den direkt!

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