I love this man!

This is Mr Pete Silver, my awesome new assistant.

He showed up like this last Wednesday when the whole Stockholm city was pretty much closed / out of function due to the snow chaos, the fact there were no buses or trains going made him 3 hours late, but he didn’t give up – god damn it, we had web shop orders laying around that had to be shipped :) .

Because of him everybody is getting their ordered DVD’s in good time before Christmas. He’s also the reason I’ve had some time to work on our awesome forum lately which by the way is located at http://www.crashdiet.org/forum – check it out and join the fun :P

Pete Silver is also the reason I can relax and write this blog post instead of working my ass off shipping stuff. We just went out to get a bottle of Lord Calvert and we will start consuming it now.

Cheers everybody! Luv ya! :)


P.S Yes Psychobunny we are a nice team :)

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22 Responses to I love this man!

  1. ArySic says:

    He’s got a funny expression!! Great that you have a little time for yourself now..
    Skål!! :)

  2. Psychobunny says:

    Looks as if he came right from a North Pole expedition. Give him my kindest regards and sincere thanks for getting out the Web shop orders and making your life easier. Seems to me you two are making a great team.

  3. Psychobunny says:

    Lol, you are indeed. Cheers!

  4. Erika AlleyCat says:

    Everybody would like to have an assistant like him! :D

  5. Erika AlleyCat says:

    Everybody would like to have an assistant like him! :D you’re lucky :D

  6. Val says:

    He will help you at merchandising during tours? :)

  7. Brandon Holtry says:

    I’m glad that you are able to get some rest now! :)

    Oh btw, I don’t know if anyone else had brought to I don’t know if there’s a different iTunes for the uk or Sweden but the American iTunes stuff always goes up for pre-order so I went on it to pre-order Cocaine Cowboys & for some reason the song was released on the 4th. I didn’t purchase it because you guys said the 14th so I’m trying to be patient and waiting I just wanted to inform you though.

    I miss you guys try to stay safe out there! :)

  8. Brandon Holtry says:

    Okay sweet I will buy it right now :) I just wanted to make sure that you guys knew first.

  9. Emilie says:

    I hate Sweden ‘Cause of the snow and the cold weather! And when you guyz move to the US , I’m gonna hate it even more.

  10. Dragon7 says:

    Er …are you sure hes not a young Father Christmas, he looks like Santa in the snow photo! Hes welcome to come down my chimney on the 25th! See you guys at the 02 Islington, UK next April :)

  11. Kraljosovina says:

    Oh yes! Fine Canadian whisky! :)

  12. Elena PrettyLittleThing says:

    Haha Pete! Hälsa från mig :)

    ps. om ni behöver en merch-girl för giget i Milano du vet väl vem du ska ringa! Hihi det var roligt den där gången… :)

  13. Gaia says:

    Hehe the second pic is so hilarious, may I share it in my Facebook?

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