In short…

there is not much going on here, at least nothing spectacular enough to write about!

We managed to record the foundation to the song “Excited” I mentioned earlier, and it sounds good! It’s sort of a ballad thing. Semi-ballad maybe :P . You’re gonna love it, however :)

Me Eric and Martin is  gonna spend the evening recording choirs and Simon is probably gonna do lead vocals on the song mentioned above.

I’ll have dinner now but feel free to comment if there’s anything special on your mind.

See ya around!


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8 Responses to In short…

  1. Laura says:

    when will you release first single? ;)

  2. Marmetal says:

    Bon appetit Peter :) . The whole recording live thing sounds good and yes… exciting ;) . It reminds me of how Bob Rock convinced Metallica to record this way either because it could capture their live sound and energy better than recording every instrument separately, like they did in the ’80s. Just listen to “The Black Album” and you will see where I’m coming from my friend :) . Your live shows are very energetic and lively as well so maybe that way of recording the album will do it justice too, keeping my thumbs for you! Also the semi-ballad type of song sounds appealing to me and again I think of something with maybe slower and more melodic verses and heavy chorus (or vice versa ;) ). Either way, greet everyone in the band and I look forward to read another update :) .

    • peterlondon says:

      Hi Marmetal, nice to see ya here :) . Well Bob Rock was probably right in that aspect, yeah, recording live definately captures some more energy no doubt about that! Time to make music real again. Or real music, haha. See ya around :) //LONDON

      • Marmetal says:

        Peter! My lovely friend :) . Nice to see you posting again, really enjoy reading your things.
        Yes, Bob could really make the band notice their strengths. He said that he loved their live shows and energy but he couldn’t hear that in their previous studio albums. So he stated that he doesn’t want to be an assistant, he convinced Metallica to get him as the producer of the entire thing. So basically they’ve spent all their time together, getting used to each other. And apart from perfect production (to me “The Black Album” is the best sounding music album ever) and months of hard work in the studio (on the opposite side of the street GNR were recording their “Use Your Illusion” albums by the way ;) ) he really “forced” the band to emphasize all their good sides and especially James’ vocals. And like I said, they were recording together in one room, including the vocals to some of the songs. They were just playing live gig… in the studio :D . With Bob Rock and Randy Staub in attendance behind the studio window, haha. So it’s great to hear you’re doing basically the same thing, the effect should be really satisfying. Also I think Hardcore Superstar made “Split Your Lip” in few days recording the album the same way and you can hear that “kick” while listening to the album if you know what I mean :) . It’s not really polished, it sounds a bit raw, a bit like a up and coming garage band ;) . It has some advantages for sure but I must say I love the production of “Generation Wild”, you can hear everything very clearly. I guess you need to find that balance between the polished, quality sound and the live energy you have every time you play a concert. Look… I talk a lot but you know me :D . Enjoy your evening and night, best greetings! :)


  3. Psychobunny says:

    Hope you enjoyed your dinner. The poached eggs I presume? Sure made me hungry even though I prefer them scrambled with lots of bacon accompanied by strong, hot, black coffee.

    I hope there will be more studio sneak peeks soon, it’s great to watch you guys doing what you do best – making great music and having fun doing it. Keep on rocking!

  4. Vale says:

    it’s so nice from you to spend times keeping up fans updated on what you’re doing, even if it makes us too curious about upcoming materials ! :) can’t wait to hear new songs and also to see you back in Italy, you guys are great!

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