Insomnia deluxe

Without cleareyes I’d be dead damn it!

I was laying awake last night from 2 am to almost 7 am, couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about how great 2013 is gonna be haha! But still, I’d prefer to sleep throught the nights and fantasize about the future during the days instead.

I’ve been completely gone today! What happened, it’s already 9.20pm, where did my whole day go? Haha.

I’m sooo tired so I’ll probably fall asleep any second. Tomorrow we’re gonna record another bonus track (you wanted so many songs on the album so we realized we needed more bonus tracks haha) so I really hope I’ll get some good sleep tonight. Wish me luck! Luv ya


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20 Responses to Insomnia deluxe

  1. Psychobunny says:

    Good luck, good night and sweet dreams. I’d sing you a lullaby but I fear you would never be able to sleep again after that. Or you would fall into a permanent coma… *G*

  2. unlucky unicorn says:

    have a great night of sleep, love you :)

  3. Marthy says:

    You’re always tired… What are you doing with Sweet?? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Good luck man ;) love u too <3

  4. Annie says:

    It’s 4:26pm here (in Brazil) and says “good night” now looks so strange for me haha. Oh, and I make your recipe of omelette, it’s very good hahahah. Anyway, good night, sleep tight :)

  5. Bex Nash says:

    Oh man! No sleep again :( I got 12 hours in yesterday. Now it’s your turn to get a decent about of kip! Sending zzzzz your way right now. 2013 is your year!! Isn’t great to be in demand ;) hehehe I love it! You got enough bonus trax for a double disc? :D just kidding. Right time for me to get some shut eye. x

  6. KATIA says:


  7. Heather Breeze says:

    I just checked on the USPS website and your remedy for the sleep problems should be waiting for you at the post office :)

  8. Anna Maske says:

    Good luck Peter!! hope you’ll sleep well tonight. You need it!!!!
    2013 will be amazing, can’t wait to see you on tour.
    Luv ya

  9. Viper says:

    damn :/ I suppose a “know how you feel” doesn’t really help… good luck with sleeping, I really look forward to see you at the festival!

  10. Erika says:

    I’m happy only because I’m not the only one who suffer of insomnia LOL, anyway I wish you a good night :D take care :33

  11. Jenny says:

    More bonus tracks :D that´s great!!
    Sleep tight tonight.

  12. rainy_kate_sleaze says:

    sleep tight peter <3

  13. Marmetal says:

    That’s too bad my friend, wish your sleeping problems will be gone soon. I know how painful and tiring it can be. Enjoy your day Peter and good luck with recording the bonus stuff!

  14. Cristina says:

    i posted a reply this afternoon but it disappeared O_o well, i’ll write another one.
    I said i am sorry that you are spending the nights awake but i would be the same if i had those awesome thoughts :)
    it’s really nice that you listen to your fans requests and try to please them by adding more songs, veeeery kind from you guys!
    whatever i hope you’ll get to sleep at night, maybe if we meet again in Stockholm i can tell you some psychological tricks i learned following some courses.
    have a nice day!

  15. Nadine says:

    Not again….
    I think you’re thinking too much in the night.
    Without good sleep it is heavy to work hard. I notice it in the school
    Maybe you need just a spa weekend to totally relax you. :D
    Or a hot bath, that’s good too.

    i hope you sleep better this night.
    good night and sleep well :)

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