Just a quickie

I’m feeling great because I managed to do some jogging this morning (in my brand new $13 Walmart jogging shoes, very price worthy!), after that a quick swim in the pool followed by a long and awesome breakfast and now I’m laying by the pool again enjoying life. Trying to do as little as possible. Total happiness!


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4 Responses to Just a quickie

  1. Psychobunny says:

    What, you actually being lazy doing nothing??? o.O I have to mark that in my calendar LOL

  2. Marmetal says:

    Sounds good! Long breakfast – that’s like something for me since I don’t like eating so it takes me a while usually :P . And… I like to see you writing “trying to do as little as possible”, you’re making progress ;) . Enjoy it!

  3. MissHurricane says:

    At last you’re not working while on holiday! Enjoy your time off, this kind of “daily schedule” looks awesome, haha!

  4. PrimalScream91 says:

    Fuck London your gonna be tan by the time you get back to Sweden!

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