Just trying to avoid the paper work so I though I should blog a little instead….

I’m feeling great because I weighed myself this morning and I finally lost 1kg, I was a little worried last week when I didn’t but that’s probably because of the heavy drinking during the Shout it out loud festival that weekend hehe. So, now I’m a steady 74kg and my goal weight is 68 so 6 weeks to go! I can do it :P

So I finally got my motivation back to keep eating Low Carb High Fat forever. I’m pretty sure that’s where all my newly found energy comes from, it makes sense, if you’ve got a stable blood sugar level trough out the day you don’t experience those dips you usually get after a high carb meal and all those ketones make you feel pretty high at times actually haha, it’s awesome and it suits me perfect!

Well I gotta go back to my paper work, I’ve been trying to avoid it all morning, doing all kinds of less important stuff but NOW I’ll start with it. See ya :P //LONDON

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  1. Psychobunny says:

    Good morning, sunshine. Good to see you so motivated. Well,except for the paperwork which is quite understandable. But as you said – it needs to be done what needs to be done.

    Glad your diet works so well for you. Wouldn’t work for me though – I just couldn’t do without real bread and pasta and stuff like that. Good thing is you can eat all the meat you like, right? I’m a carnivore and I love my beef, hehe.

    Ok, off to work for both of us I guess. Have fun with the papers and stuff ;-P

    • peterlondon says:

      I had problems being without bread for the first months or something as well but now I’m completely free from that addiction :) . I’ve never liked pasta or potatoes or rice and stuff like that so it’s easy for me to avoid haha. I love all of the things I do eat – cheese, cream, butter, eggs, fish & vegetables. I do understand it doesn’t fit everyone but I’m still a little surprised if fits me so great… Have a nice day my friend :) //LONDON

      • Psychobunny says:

        I like the stuff you do as well except for the fish. Not a big fan of that. I do like scampi and smoked salmon though. And I live pasta and potatoes, yummy. Seems food is the one thing we do not agree about, hehe. And I also like sweets and potato chips, very bad for any kind of diet :-D

  2. Vale says:

    I could’n live without pasta…think it is mainly because i’m Italian!! i only try to reduces the quantities of food, but i’m not that good on diets :)

    don’t work too much :)

    • Marmetal says:

      Pasta is great, I love it too! :D My favorite diet is actually… CRASHDIET, haha. Can’t force myself to try anything else ;) .
      And Peter, have a great day and it’s good to know your way of losing weight works, you can make it to 68 for sure :) . Cheers my friend!

      • peterlondon says:

        Pasta…. YUCK!!! haha. First time we toured Italy all we got for dinner was uncooked pasta with tomato sauce hehehehe. Italy has other great stuff though! //LONDON

        • Gaia says:

          No wait, how can you possibly do not love REAL Italian pasta? Everyone loves pasta! :P Next time you come to Italy I’ll take you to the best restaurant I know and if you’ll still be saying “yuck”… well I’ll cope with it, haha.

        • Marmetal says:

          Haha Peter :D . Pasta is the only thing I can “cook” myself and I can do a nice sauce too so hold on with what you’re saying ;) . Italian food is like the best for me because I don’t eat much, therefore it’s quite light and not greasy :) . By uncooked pasta you probably mean “al dente” :D . Depends how hard it is! Cheers my friend! :)

          • Jenny says:

            Hahaa I can cook only Pasta, too :D The other things are way too stressful for me, and it don´t tastes good if I´m cooking it, so I eat lots of pasta :D

          • Marmetal says:

            Jenny, you’re my cooking companion :D . I’m the same ;) . Talking to other fans in here can be so entertaining :) .

        • Vale says:

          :) we should organize a REAL Italian dinner for Peter and the guys when they’ll be on tour!
          Pasta ‘al dente’ is normally good, maybe we’re much used to it!!

    • Elisa Marcon says:

      Vale!!!i think the same!!
      if you are italian you CAN’T be on diet! ahaha..i try diet a lot of times, but i can’t resist more then a week! ahhaha..xD
      So Peter, my congratulations!
      1 kg is a big goal! :D

  3. Rush says:

    It’s great that you lost another kg, congratulation! :) Yeah, you can do it!
    I’m thinking about some kind of diet since quite a long time, but I’m afraid of yo-yo effect. Is there a risk that the yo-yo effect will come when you’re on this diet? But, well, I’m another pasta lover, so I wouldn’t be able to be on this diet anyway, eh. I guess it’s always difficult to find a diet which suits you perfectly…

    Good luck with all those papers, hah, you will need it.
    Well, now I’m going to study a little. :D

  4. Ciara says:

    really cool you lost a kg, congrats :) xxx <3

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