London the life saver

Earlier today, when I was laying in the pool, I I noticed that I wasn’t alone in there. Right next to me I spotted a poor little bug that had fallen into the water. I wondered if he was still alive, so I picked him up, walked out of the pool and put him in a dry area right next to the water. And I watched him closely. It took a while, but after maybe 30 seconds he started moving a little. About a minute later, he flew away – back to reunite with his family and friends, I like to imagine :) .

This picture was taken only seconds before he was dry enough to fly again.

It feels great to have saved a life today!

Now off to do some shopping, still need to get 3G working on my iPhone. Been having way too much time off from you guyz lately :P .


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9 Responses to London the life saver

  1. MNGlambassist says:

    you got guts man. I couldn’t do that. Hope your liking here in the US!

  2. Psychobunny says:

    You’re my hero. I do things like this too but people normally don’t understand why I pick up snails from the pavement and put them somewhere safe and stuff like that. But I don’t care about people much anyway except for a few. And yes, you’re on of them because you do things like this and are proud of it. Consider yourself hugged.

  3. Scarlett Cyanide says:

    That is so great. You should always try to save a life no matter how small it is :) Good job. Take care, Scarlett

  4. Lady in Black says:

    Good job guy !! Also I have the instinct to save any kind of animal/bug in distress … it’s nice to think you can help … ;)

  5. laj91 says:

    The world needs more people like you, well done! :D many people would just have killed the bug, which I think is a kind of animal cruelty.

  6. Lenka says:

    Hero of the day!

  7. Marmetal says:

    Just like Lenka said, hero of the day – yes, the Metallica song title, hah! :D Your post really made me smile, that’s so cute and a really good behavior and action you’ve done :) . Awesome, love reading things like that! Enjoy the rest of your day sir :) .

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