London’s breakfast

My daily breakfast omelette consists of :

3 eggs
50g of real butter (82%)
50g of fat cheese

I stopped counting calories and instead I’m skipping the carbs completely.

And my weight is dropping like never before :P

What did you have for breakfast this morning?


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37 Responses to London’s breakfast

  1. Psychobunny says:

    I really don’t get it why you wanna lose weight, man. Go on like that and we won’t be able to see you behind your pink Daisy anymore ;-P

    I had cold pizza leftofer from yesterday for breakfast with lots of hot, black coffee.

  2. Hey, I’ve had the same breakfast as psychobunny! :D

    Peter, I think that your breakfast is missing something, I would recommend some grated parmigiano :D

    • Psychobunny says:

      There’s only one thing that’s better for breakfast than cold pizza and that’s scrambled eggs with bacon *G*

    • peterlondon says:

      Hello Rob! Parmigiano is good but more expensive than our classic swedish cheese… here in the studio we’re using crashdiet-money to buy food and as always we’re on a tight budget haha! I miss you man, hope all is fine with you!?! :) //LONDON

    • peterlondon says:

      I eat fish every day, but there’s no room in my diet for sugars so I skip fruit but vegetables are nice for sure :O! I’m a strict LCHF-diet, if anybody wonders btw //LONDON

  3. Anna Viper says:

    nothing at all for me.. was running late so no time for luxuries like that :D
    I admire yor dicipline. I can keep up a diet as far as I have a steady day in day out the same routine but as soon thats just a little disturbed (which happens alot :/) I fall off the weagon :( any tips?

  4. Marmetal says:

    Good morning Peter :) . Your breakfast wasn’t as little as I thought, hehe. It’s probably only me who never has appetite in the morning so my breakfast consisted of two very small sandwiches and… that’s all :D . Have a good and productive day my friend!


  5. Vale says:

    i had just a coffee as usual, can’t get up earlier to eat before work :)

  6. Emilie says:

    Good morning! Cereal with berries and yoghurt here:) and coffee of course! I’m not the dieting person I’m afraid.. I’m not even able to find the amount of motivation needed to quit smoking.. :p

    • peterlondon says:

      That’s definately my favourite breakfast, but on days you have to work alot it’s probably better if you manage to skip it, I’ve learned. Cheers! //LONDON

  7. Kalypso says:

    Your breakfast sounds yummy Peter! :) Just make sure not to lose too much weight, don’t sacrifice your health :)

    I can’t live without carbs but I manage to avoid sugar and fat to almost 100%. I hate being on diet though ;) My best weapon is excessive sport since 2010, then I can basically eat what I want! YEEIIH! :D

    So, 6 weeks ago I tore a ligament in my foot. No sports. Diet instead. Life sucks. :P ;)

  8. Samira says:

    Oh u all eat well… haha, i only have a coffee every morning , im a coffee addicted, lol. But well, i think it must be delicious having omelette for breakfast! :D

    • Jet Crash Miracle says:

      Muesli is terrible. Being American I cannot tolerate it. I have Protein shake (Sun Warrior powder Vanilla) one organic banana and some 3-6-9 Omega Oils plus vitamins and Milk Thistle. I can go for hours after this. Then salads and yogurts. It makes me want to kill. I cannot stop!!! Peter is smart to forget the carbs. They are crap. Crash Diet!!

      • peterlondon says:

        Can’t stand muesli either. To me that’s like eating candy for breakfast. Reminds me of Italy – during some tour we had hotel breakfast but all we got was one croissant each with nutella on it. Can’t see how that ever would do any good at all :P //LONDON

  9. Izzy-Sweet says:

    I’ve not woken up in time for breakfast in years, I end up waking up too late then needing to leave for something, ha ha!

  10. Sam says:

    Good morning Peter. Adding protein and cutting out carbs is the best way to lose weight. The best diet I found is the hcg diet, lost 61 pounds in 9 months. :-) My breakfast is usually coffee and a stick of string cheese.

  11. Bex Nash says:

    Boy has it been a long ass day, and still plenty to do. Glad you have stopped counting calories my friend – that’s a little victory for me ;) Honestly Peter I would allow some carbs, like brown rice or cous cous etc. Only a small portion like 50 – 70grams – no need to go mad. Why you are on a diet I’ll never know…You should a get a cooking book called “Good Mood Food” by Donal Skehan ??? It about the positive approach to what you eat and how it’s one of the most important steps when it comes to improving your health and how the benefits improve your moods, sleeping patterns, energy levels, and mental state. Check it out ;P x

    • peterlondon says:

      “No need to go mad”? Nahh not sure I agree on that! I’m on 5 grams of carbs per day, that’s when the action starts! //LONDON

  12. Sharkie says:

    Breakfast: Sugar Free Red Bull

    Snack: Handful of soy/wasabi almonds or string cheese

    Lunch: A “Lean Cuisine” frozen meal (reason being: easy microwave meal/cheap! at work) or a salad

    Dinner: Usually protein and veggies (steak, fish, chicken, pork, zucchini, salad, artichokes, asparagus, etc)

    I don’t do a lot of carbs, but I love wild rice and pasta a couple times a week. I also avoid sodas. I wasn’t brought up with them in the house (mom was Scandinavian) so they never appealed to me. My only beverages are water, iced tea, wine and beer. I also grill or broil most meat. I rarely fry anything.

  13. Sharkie says:

    BTW … how is that “peeing out the fat” update you promised? LOL! You are so far from fat is hilarious!

    The AP woman in our office did a similar procedure and was underwhelmed …

  14. Laura Victory says:

    Nice omelet! I would prefer some carbs (like a little sandwhich) on an empty stomach though, rather than all that butter and cheese! :) I love carbs like spelt wheat bread and oatmeal and stuff, just had a bowl of oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon and apple wedges for breakfast, very tasty. And I’m on a diet as well. (and yes, I have lost weight as well ;) )

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