London’s observations

It’s funny how life can seem to be so incredibly dark and difficult at times, then all of a sudden it changes into being something that is pretty nice after all.

And it can’t be only the alcohol. Not this time. The future looks kinda bright again, and I love it :P . Cheers

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10 Responses to London’s observations

  1. PrimalScream91 says:

    Glad to hear it Peter!

  2. NightFalling says:

    It makes me happy that you are happy :) Love to hear that!

  3. Psychobunny says:

    Ah well, life’s a bitch but sometimes she tries to play nice *G* Glad you feel so happy. I like to see you happy *G*

  4. Lady in Black says:

    I’m glad to hear it !! :D

  5. Bxstar says:

    Happiness it awesomeness!! Glad to hear you’re happy! Happy London is the best London :) x

  6. Marmetal says:

    Happy to hear and keep it up, go for your dreams, reach your goals, we believe in everything you do! :)

  7. Adriana Franca says:

    Great to hear this Peter, you are the swettest and my Family and I wish you all the best!!!!

  8. Emilie says:

    It’s so weird how someone can change your life so much as you did to mine. And it’s even more weird that I feel like I know you and shit, and I’ve never even met you! I love you so much, everything you have ever done, everything you do and probably everything you will do in the future. Everytime I loose myself, you kinda helps me find myself again, get back on track. I have no idea why I wrote this, you probably get to hear this everyday. But I love you so much and you should never doubt yourself. The things you’ve done with your music is something to be very proud of. Thanks for all the insporation you gave me in life, and because of you I am who I want to be. You gave me the curruage to be who I wanted to be. Wish you the very best in life :)

  9. Prity de Lioncourt says:

    I totally understand your words. Same here, Peter. o/

  10. Jeanette Pet. says:

    Hi London!
    I just want to Thank You for writing this blog,I really enjoy reading it.
    I don´t know how You do everything You do though.
    Please be careful and take care of Yourself!
    It also puts a big smile on my face that You love animals and pet´s as
    much as I do. Luv ya´ for that!
    Til´ next time,take care .

    Big Hug!

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