London’s surgery

So, here’s a quick summary of my 24 hours at the hospital / stockholm spine center!

They started by inserting this intravenous drip thing, and I’ve always wanted to have this equipment at home. It’s so convenient! I don’t like to cook, and to me, a meal is basically just an unpleasant interruption… The thought of having a constant intravenous drip instead of cooking food 3 times a day sounds extremely appealing to me.

Then they rolled me in my bed to the surgery department and I was starting to feel a bit nervous…

I don’t remember much from here but I know that they asked me some silly question, that I began answering, and shortly after that, I was out…

Completely out!

That’s me, I suppose…

They started doing their magic.

So, who wants a piece of me? :)

Seriously, that is a lot of unecessary crap to be stored in one’s body. Yuck! And the tools are fascinating… Like in a horror movie.

Almost done, I think they’re putting the stitches here…

Well, then I woke up and felt kinda dizzy… Had some coffe and went to sleep :)

Up and running again!!! Almost…

Then the boyz came to visit with some nice flowers and diet weight watcher’s candy. They stayed for hours and it turned out to be one of the most constructive band meetings we’ve ever had. Very pleasant!

All in all, I actually had a great time at the hospital. Everybody was nice to me and very professional. They had an impressive VHS collection. And the most important thing, I no longer have to live in constant pain…

I’m still feeling a bit weak, and my brain is certainly slower than usual… I hope that will be fixed soon :D .


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16 Responses to London’s surgery

  1. Manu says:

    I’m so glad your surgery went well … I wish you all the best for your recovery !! Take care Peter !! Hugs <3

  2. Psychobunny says:

    Hey man, I’m so glad you finally got that problem removed from your life. Nice pics too – who took them?

    Meals are an unpleasant interruption, huh? You are a strange man. I love to eat but I do hate cooking as well.

    And you look great with that walking frame. Too bad it’s not pink :-P

    Btw, did you keep the bits and pieces they removed? Maybe you can sell them in the webshop, hehehe.

    Diet candy… you definitely ARE strange, my friend. Either I want candy with lots of sugar or not. Men…

    Anyway, glad to have you back in one piece. Take it easy and take care or I’ll come over and spank you!

    Have a great painfree weekend, mate.

    • peterlondon says:

      Some nurse took the photos, that was very kind of her actually… I explained I was an artist, and I needed the photos for my blog :) .

      Yeah, I would love to have kept the pieces they removed. I forgot to ask about that…


      • Psychobunny says:

        LOL, you’re really something special. Oh, and thanks for sharing this experience with us. You were very brave.

  3. SkidRocks! says:

    God bless you Peter :) I can’t wait to see you guys again! Stay strong and please don’t forget about your biggest Canadian fan :) lol

  4. Lexxi_Crash says:

    Glad that everything went well…. Wishing you speedy complete recovery after surgery…

  5. Lukas says:


  6. Anna Gable says:

    So cool to get photos of it all. Oh, do I remember thouse walking aids… They were scared I would pass out and hurt the new wound, so they made me use one. I was just so happy I could walk again, so I totally understand your feelings here! Keep walking, it’s good for healing. But really band: diet sweets? When I had this, I lost 4 kilos from the pain, all I wanted was the painkillers, but no food. So give the man some real stuff to get his energy back :) I hope you’re all back on the roads and in the studio soon, and that going through this has bonded you.

  7. emilio says:

    Im glad to hear the surgery went well Peter :) Exactly what was the problem with your back? What did they remove?

    • peterlondon says:

      I had spinal disc hernia… not sure what they removed actually, all I know is that it was really nice to get rid of it :) //LONDON

      • Kalypso says:

        Ouch, Peter…I’m glad for you that everything went well!! I was also near a spinal disc hernia some years ago, that pain is horror! How long will it take for you to recover fully? Can you already walk again normally? Lots of healing hugs from Austria!

  8. oohlalar says:

    Interesting how all those horror movie tools are just piled up on the table; more like how a serial killer would just chuck them down rather than a professional surgeon would have them arranged! Anyway, really great to hear the surgery was a success and your pain is gone; rockstars can’t play the bass sitting down :D

  9. Marmetal says:

    Peter! :) So good to see that the surgery went well and that these bad, mean pieces have been removed from your spine. I remember that you felt a lot of pain in Italy where we’ve met and that you needed a doctor, it must’ve been a real pain to not be able to feel well for most of the time because of your hurting back. Great to know it’s over, you will just get stronger from now on :) . Oh, and I’m happy and surprised to see I’m not the only one who hates cooking and doesn’t like to eat :D . Now I don’t feel that strange ;) . Really, really hope to see you soon again and to give you a hug, this time without worrying that it can feel uncomfortable for you because of your back! Take care yourself and get better, thanks for the note here and letting us know how you feel. Best greetings my friend! :)


  10. mimz says:

    Glad to hear you’re ok! :)

  11. Jane says:

    Hey! What’s up? How are you? -Jane from Finland- :)

  12. Akiko says:

    Get well soon, Peter. Much Love

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