Todays venue is a bigger one which is nice. A huge backstage area with a private bar and all. This far into a tour I usually like crap, but this time I’ve been out for a run, working out etc before most shows so I feel quite good:)

Yesterday must have the hottest show on the tour so far! We were sweating like pigs! The crowd was insane though so it didnt matter..








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18 Responses to Milano

  1. Miss says:

    Nice to read such a happy post! :)
    /Miss Obscene

  2. OdaStripe says:

    Peter’s pink Bass is the most awsome of them all, sereously. And it has glitter on it, it’s just so.. CUTE.

    Cant wait till June!

  3. Psychobunny says:

    More happy posts – makes me happy. Glad you’re having a good time despite the trouble in the beginning. And tomorrow – Munich! Just finished loading my cam batteries so watch out *G*

  4. XiLaii says:

    Yay for happy posts!! :)
    That venue looks pretty cool too.
    Have a great show tonight! :)

  5. filip says:

    det är fint väder här också martin det blir nog skönt
    att komma hem till värmen det var 17 grader i söndags

  6. Maja says:

    You were great back in Pinarella! Hope you’ll come again very soon..It was terribly hot inside, but you’re worth it! Rock on!

  7. daniela says:

    Great night in Milan :) I wanna see you again!

  8. Miss Mars says:

    Beautiful, beautiful show guys, you rock! Hope to see you soon! :)

  9. FayCd says:

    Wii a happy post&a lot of pixx are awesome :D

    It´s great to hear about your shows :D Hope I could see you too :/ You´re not coming anyway! (yet I hope)

    What a nice pic mrSweet! :D

    Ohh your ESP guitar,Peter´s Daisy Rock Basses and Simon´s Gibson?What´s your other guitar?(I mean the label;)

    Have fun guyz..rock the place one more time!

    See ya!

  10. Claire says:

    Yeah!!! Really hot and sweaty in the first raws too!
    ♥♥Amazing gig♥♥ Too bad the set was too short!!!!I’d have loved to hear you play more!!!
    There was almost no merch over : seems everybody loves you and buy your Cd and shirts! :-)

  11. Valentina says:

    You were really awesome in Milan! You deserved more stagetime!!!! It’s a big shame that I didn’t meet you before the gig…I arrived at 4 p.m. but I guess you were already busy with the sound check and all the interviews! well…I hope to be lucky next time! ;) Hey what about my leopard thong that I threw on stage during Queen Obscene?!!! I was very excited that you were playing my fav song! but actually I was NOT wearing it…I just had the thong in my bag ready to be thrown! at the end of the gig I saw your roadie picking it up and I was like “will they keep it as a memorabilia of the show?” what a naughty fan! =P
    Please come back soon!!!!!!
    Take care,

  12. Fede says:

    It was a really awesome show…and i fucking agree…you deserve more stagetime
    !!…you’re amazing!:) come back soon guys…you rock!!

  13. Daniel says:

    Fan ses i stockholm på lördag duez! :-) Vet att de kommer bli lika grymmt som alltdid ;-)

  14. LOURDES says:

    Hey…i discovered Crashdiet not long ago…FORTUNATELY!!!! It´s nice to know good music is not dead. You make me remember GnR, Motley Crue…and a long etc from bands in the 80′s (good times and great concerts!!). I’ll see you in Madrid (just one concert in Spain??? Can´t believe it!!!!…You should promote your band could come to Burgos – two hours north by car from capital, probably the city that will be Cultural European Capital in 2016- …well, i´m not a promoter..unfortunately…). Having a look what people say and complain…stagetime…good to know you are going to be a LONG TIME on the stage in Madrid, right?

  15. federica says:

    I liked you SOO much! Nice i had the chance to talk to you! You were the best and deserved more time to play! Hope to see you again.

  16. Fantastic Night in Milan! A dream has been to see you! Come back soon please *_______*
    Much Love! <3

    -HellQueen & Angie-

  17. Erica says:

    Guys you totally rocked!! Come back soon in Italy, we can’t wait another year to see you again!!! :)

  18. Melisa says:

    amazing,as always :D

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