Monday morning

I’m so glad it’s Monday, finally! I hate it when it’s holidays and all places are closed etc, it’s impractical to work under these conditions. Maybe it fits once you drink and all that all weekends but as you already know I’m trying to avoid that and keeping myself busy with other things sure do help a lot.

We’re actually going back to the Kingside Studio today to look over some mixing on on one of the upcoming singles – it’ll be awesome to be back, I’ve missed the place so much.

Have to leave home in about an hour so I should go get ready now but I’ll try my best to keep you updated during the day. See ya


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  1. Marmetal says:

    Good morning Peter! :) I can imagine that during holidays it’s more difficult for you, especially that you’re trying to avoid drinking and stay sober. But you’re strong and your resolutions will pay off at some point. I’m not too much of a Monday fan myself but good to hear you’re feeling better because it’s the new week :) . Enjoy your time in the studio, have a nice day and I guess we’ll hear from you sometime later ;) . Cheers my friend! :)

  2. Psychobunny says:

    You’re a freak ;-P Everybody including me hates Monday (especially morning) and think the weekends are far too short. But then again I use weekend to relax and avoid work (except for housework). Try keeping yourself busy with being creative, computer games, books – everything you don’t need to go out and shop for *G*

    But then again you ARE one of a kind and that’s good. And don’t you dare to ever change! You are who you are and you’re proud of it and that’s amazing. I do have a hell of a lot of respect for you my friend.

    Have fun at the studio. Can’t wait for the first single – hope it’s gonna be Change The World. Love the song and adore the lyrics.

    Btw, got an album title yet? Given the fact that Simme always fights with the equipment and eventually tries to destroy it Wreaking Havoc as a title comes to mind. At least to my twisted one ;-)

  3. Nadine says:

    I don’t really like mondays. The alarm clock rings and i haven’t got desire to get up. My alarm clock doesn’t accept the love between me and my bed ;)
    It is very impractical to work when all the shops are closed on holidays.
    Sometimes it is also practical. Then you can go nowhere and use the time to clean one or the other room. With good musik it makes more fun :)
    Rock out with the broom and the feather duster :D
    Ohh yeah, I’m so exciting about the new album and the new songs.
    I hope the first single will be ‘change the world’. :)
    It’s such a great song. What is the name of the album??

    Hahaha yeah, Peter the superman. I think it sound nice. ;D

    Don’t overwork you and enjoy the studio time with the guyz.
    Have fun :)

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