So screw this, tomorrow I’ll see a doctor. I’ve simply lost the ability to sleep properly.

I fall asleep very easily (and that’s usually quite rare for me) but then I wake up 2 hours later, energic like nothing else and with all those thoughts rushing through my head, all at the same time. I write lyrics, solve some problems, make plans for the future and much more, all at once, but what I’d really want to do is to sleep.

Well well! Went up at 6.30 and ate my zero carb breakfast as always. Feeling OK despite the lack of sleep. It’s 7 am and I’m signing in to my brand new office spot, in the basement where I live. Looks nice huh? Haha!

The reason I’m working like a freak is probably because I’ve decided to quite alcohol for a while. It’s not unusual to become a workaholic after being (sort of) an alcoholic. I guess none of the options are particularly good for your health but what the hell, it’s nice to get something done for once in  a while. There will always be time for drinks and rock n’ roll later, I’m not at all woried about that, haha!

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  1. Psychobunny says:

    Morning! Seeing a doctor might be a good idea. I’m getting worried about you. Woke up at 6 and couldn’t go back to sleep but at least I had my 5 or 6 hours of sleep. Still tired and too lazy to get up though. Guess I need a PA to bring me some coffee ;-)

    Ask your doctor about valerian. It calms down and might be helpful in your situation as in your case the brain is the trouble and not the body. Sometimes the homeopathic stuff does the trick.

    And how can you eat that early in the morning? All I can get down before 9 is coffee. Which I’m craving now but still too lazy to get out of bed. It’s Sunday after all.

    Nice office btw. Looks much tidier than my desk. I bet you find everything at once. I even have to search for my cordless at times :-

    Have a nice Sunday and maybe you can put in a nice afternoon nap. Take care!

  2. Brandon Holtry says:

    Good morning to my favorite bass player! :)

    I hope the doctors can help you with the sleeping issues. I’ve had some sleeping issues myself too, it usually takes forever for me to fall asleep unless I over work myself all day.

    The office looks great :) & I hope that you rest for a while, you deserve the rest and relaxation.

    Anyway I am going to work on the Crashdïet support page that I made on Facebook :D

    Be safe and tell the guys hi for me and my dad! We miss you guys.!

  3. Laura says:

    hey Peter

    even though these last posts haven’t been that happy (about your working, divorce, sleeping problems etc.), i’m still happy and pleased that you’re sharing these things with us, it tells that you’re not a haughty asshole rockstar who only cares about himself…thanks for that. :P

    hopefully the doctors can help you & your vodka-poster is pretty awesome :D

    lots of love from finland!

  4. Marmetal says:

    Good morning Peter! Really sorry to hear about your problems. Go see a doctor, that should help or at least make you aware of what’s going on with your organism. But on the other hand I’m happy to hear you’re trying to quit alcohol. It’s always admirable when a person like you (I mean a musician) is trying to do it and get clean. I wish you all the best, you’re wonderful person and don’t really need to drink, at least not now like you said :) . You can always get a glass of wine whenever you want later, it doesn’t mean you will be forbidden to drink ever again after all ;) . Take care yourself and have a nice day my friend!

  5. Vale*StarryEyes* says:

    have a nice Sunday! try not to work too much, it seems like you’re already doing it :)
    take some times to relax, maybe it will help you also to sleep better!

  6. Nadine says:

    hey :)
    don’t over work you. Take some time to relax.
    Go outside for a walk or something. Fresh air is good for the brain. :)
    I hope you can sleep better than ;)

    Have a nice sunday :D

  7. Bex Nash says:

    Hey you :) Still no real sleep huh? What have you tried? I’d like it if you tried all other possibilities before you went on medication. Are you still at your sisters? Have you sorted the apartment out? Seems to me that you have an alot on your mind and kinda stressed (even tho you may not think it) Stress is a sneaky little sod and has many faces. Do you feel like you’re running on high alert at the minute? Looks like to me you are with your stupidly long hours. Honestly I feel you have an seriously overloaded plate and haven’t had time to process everything. Busy time in US, then coming back and going back into a caring emotional job and then dealing with all the paperwork/orders form the band etc as well as dealing with the apartment and your ex wife and all the other stuff you’ve briefly touched on. There’s alot of mental/emotional stuff going on inside you. I stick by what I said in that email Peter. Just think about it? xxx

  8. Jenny says:

    Hej Peter!

    I really hope that the doctor tomorrow is able to help you
    with your sleeping problems :)
    You have too much things flowing to your mind, I think thats the reason for those problems.
    And working of course is better than drinking alcohol. I like it :D
    But don´t work too much, that´s not good for sleeping properly either.
    Hope you had a nice sunday!

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