What a great day! We flew in early around 7 in the morning. Met our friends from HCSS at the venue. Weather was superior and everything went according to plans. I now have a new found love for Finland after this trip! You fucking rocked! We probably did our best gig in our career thanx to you!

Some how this app doesnt include pixx anymore :/

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10 Responses to Mötley

  1. Psychobunny says:

    Sounds like you had a great time. Hope you can solve the picture issue as I wanna see some and I’m sure as hell not the only one *G* Enjoy your weekend everybody!

  2. klover says:

    Thank you for a truly awesome gig guys. Finland begs you to come again as soon as possible! Cheers xx

  3. Janina says:

    u were great!! It was the first time i saw u guys and it was awesome!!
    Please come soon again!!

  4. Suvi says:

    The gig was awesome! THANK YOU I am looking forward to get your mug next week that I get to drink coffee from it.

  5. Bex Nash says:

    Well from the youtube clips I have seen, (as I already knew) you guys were the best!!! Hurry up and release this seriously awaited album :)

  6. Laura says:

    first, brace yourself, this is gonna be looong. :D
    then, THANK YOU SO MUCH it was one of the best days of my life!! I almost started to cry when you played “Anarchy”, it’s really amazing song, it makes me cold shivers (world needs a new single from Crashdiet! <—-that was a free tip :D )…..
    you guys might saw me(?), i was quite front and on righthandside if you watch from stage; blue haired girl with mirror-pilot-sunglasses. (:
    I bought a new shirt of yours. gotta say that yellow text + my blue hair are perfect together, haha (; and that reminds me, I'm sure you heard how people started to scream for Simons Sweden-boksers or swimsuit or what the hell it was, maybe i don't even wanna know…:D
    and ooh, I'm glad to hear that you found new love for Finland…because FINLAND LOVES YOU TOO! so come back soon, okay? (:
    love you guys, KEEP ON ROCKIN!!

  7. Jami says:

    You guys were truly amazing! I already had high expectations for your show but you exceeded them easily. It could be seen how much you loved playing to us. Thankyou so much and come back soon, Finland loves you!

  8. Jordi says:

    Seen you guys quite a few times in glasgow n london in nightclubs and thought you were awesome live. Then thought sod it. Spent £1000s to go see you in finland. The equally amazing HCSS and the mighty Crue. Its was mind blowing! Even if it did cost me twice as much to get drunk. Who prices the beer over there? Hopefully next year i’ll get to see you on hometurf in Sweden. Get back to UK asap!

  9. Axel says:

    Sweet! Did you get to meet Mick Mars again? I believe many of us would want to know that :)

  10. Fhina says:

    Thank you guys! You were amazing!
    Can’t wait for the new record and hope to see you soon again in rockcity HeLLsinki!


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