Monday night

Stupid mobile phone operator. I got my “new” iPhone 4 right next to me and I called my operator last Tuesday to have this new micro-sim (also stupid haha) card sent to me but it never arrived so I talked to them again today and of course they had fail to send it to me. How can it be so difficult? Even I, who’s just one person, usually get’s our mail sent in time. How can a big fucking company not have decent routines for those things. I wonder what people do all the time. Are the four of us in this band the only ones who ever work properly? I wonder sometimes, because as soon as one have to rely on anyone else it always fails. Except for our manager, our A&R and our booking agents. They are awesome. Our producer is good too. And our merch company. Well all these guyz are great because we’ve hand picked them with great care, so I correct myself – as soon as you have to rely on that random guy it never works. Do it yourself or don’t do it all that’s my motto for the day :P .

We had a great time at the studio today, corrected some quires actually haha and tweaked some lyrics. You’ll love it  when you hear it, I’m pretty damn sure :P .

Got home like one hour ago, been shipping web shop orders like crazy but I’m really tired so I should hit the bed now. Tomorrow will be spent with paper work and I’m not really up for that but what needs to be done needs to be done and we must close the books of 2012 at some point so let’s just do it now.

Take care!


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21 Responses to Monday night

  1. Psychobunny says:

    LOL!!! That’s what you get for using an IWannaBeAPhone *G* Nah, must be a lazy provider. I never had such trouble when I needed a new SIM card. But I know exactly what you mean. We have the same trouble with vendors at work. And most of our customers are not much better either. You’re right – if you wanna have something done right do it yourself. Too bad we cannot be cloned yet, hehe.

    More paperwork, hurray – have fun. Evil? Who – me? Never *G* Just a bit malicious at times.

    Have fun with your new phone – hope you’ll get your new SIM card soon. I’m a bit of a tech freak and tend to buy new cells about every year or so. New toys are great. Yes, I’m weird I know.

    So good night, sleep tight and have sweet dreams.

  2. Marmetal says:

    Sounds like another busy day in the life of Peter London :) . Hope you will sleep properly at least. And yes, you guys do a great job, it also makes me wonder sometimes how big companies that hire a lot of people can’t make something done quickly. But I don’t know how those kind of companies work at all. You do a good job and the fans always appreciate that :) . I’m off to watch a movie with Tommy Lee Jones so good night, sleep tight!

  3. ThronPerfekt says:

    I know the situation you described, I’m also asking myself sometimes what some people are doing the whole day. I think you’re damn right when you say do it yourself or don’t do it at all. But you really do a great job especially when I consider all the things you have to do.
    Good night Peter and don’t work too much tomorrow.

  4. izzie says:

    DIY is the only way to go, you of all people should know hehehö.

    • Viper says:

      I was gonna say that but then I thought he maybe get’s a complete new contract/number etc? then they’d still have to send him a card right? no idea how that shit works in sweden, only got a swedish prepaied.. BUT! thinking of that, in the store they had this extremely cool cutting tool that just cut out the chip for them to make it fit in my phone .. so actually just going and let them cut it for you would be an option too for next time. :D World changing topic btw!

  5. Sammi says:

    Hey London!
    Don’t you have cell phone stores in Stockholm you can just go into and buy a SIM card from? If they haven’t shipped your order out, call them up and see if they can switch it to an in-store pickup. Also if your iPhone4 hasn’t been upgraded to IOS6 be very careful if you upgrade the software (and if you have contacts, aps, music, etc in it already, MAKE SURE YOU SYNC UP EVERYTHING to your computer first).. Mine upgraded fine (I have the original 4 & not the 4s), no problems & everything transferred fine, but I’ve read a lot of horror stories about IOS6 messing up their phone and causing glitches… Like one guy on my Facebook said after upgrading, his camera no-longer autosaves photos and other people lost all their phone data.. So you may want to leave the original iPhone4 software. The iPhone4 is so awesome. I’ll probably upgrade to the 5 soon, but honestly the 5 doesn’t seem that much better other than the camera having higher megapixels, higher screen rez & different headphones.

    Do you guys ever check your P.O. box for the online store? I sent you guys a package last week (some hello kitty halloween candy for you in there and some other goodies.haha) , I stupidly sent it where you have to sign for it (i didn’t realize until after. I just wanted to express ship it), the tracker says they tried to deliver it today (i don’t know if sweden leaves slips in your p.o. box like they do here).. So i thought i’d give you a heads up. :)

    • Viper says:

      sorry to be smart ass, but actually the iPhone 5 has not a higher display resolution ;) it has bigger display and all in all more pixels, but the resolution (thats what you’d call everything thats on a square inch) is a tiny tiny bit lower than on the 4/4s ;) not anything you’d actually see but still :D

      scource: I’m a graphic designer, I get a kick out of retina displays, so you better trust me :P

      • Sammi says:

        Really? I hadn’t othered reading the specs yet, I just assumed it was going to have a higher resoulution, because usually with mac bigger screen, bigger rez. With that being the case, the iPhone5 is just over hyped. Personally I like my smaller phone. I wish they’d offer the iphones with a matte screen. I do graphic /web design as well.. And matte >>>> gloss all the way.

        • Viper says:

          ahh cool!
          yeah I agree… I work with a glossy laptop screen at uni, and it’s the devil :P

          yeah well, i guess when it’s retina display it doesn’t really make any difference anymore, you still can’t see pixels, its just very few that’s less, has to do with the different proportions I guess and how the pixels fit, I guess it’s really only on paper that the numbers make a difference.

          Still, I think apple is so overhyped anyway. I am iphone user, but I’m actually one of <1 % at the design faculty that works with windows, I feel like an idiot everytime I want to exchange fonts but otherwise it really works just as good.

          Whatever, they'll screw up anyways without the boss having good ideas…

    • peterlondon says:

      I’ll check the P.O box today so we’ll see what’s in there :P . The iPhone for has iOS 6 already so I should be fine. I always back up like crazy though because my whole life is in that god damned smart phone :P //LONDON

      • Sammi says:

        To Viper: Using a PC for graphic design is Blasphemy.. haha. In college they had PC’s in all the HTML classes, I hated using them so much… Though the more recent Windows seems to be like a bootleg OSX. But yeah.. Once you go Mac, you NEVER go back! haha.

        To Peter: Make sure you have it synced to iCloud, because if your computer dies you’re screwed if you don’t… They’re only supposed to sync to one computer. My laptop died in december, and when I bought my new one I was informed I’d have to factory re-set my iPhone in order to sync it to the new laptop, and because my iPhone didn’t have iCloud and couldn’t sync to my new computer, I couldn’t back it up.

        • Viper says:

          what. No. sorry but that “Mac hysteria” in desighn industry just sucks and is totally bullshit. the only reason for it being “blasphemy” now is that Macs look nicer, tho my Sony looks nice too :P I agree Mac USED to be better, but CS6 actually runs better on windows, and the newer generations of macs is build to fall to pieces shortly after warranty is over. If my harddrive breaks I buy a new one for 40 euros and can build it in myself. if the smallest thing in a mac breaks I have to send it in and pay a fortune as soon as the (WAY TOO SHORT!!!) warranty is over.
          My computer costs 500 euros and is faster than older generation mac books that stiull cost 1000, plus the care protection. I admit the new retina mac books are fuckin nice, but ther is nor real reasonable reason to use mac for me. The reason why it’sstill so popluar amongst designers is that 95 percent of the folks working in that field are trendy fucking pussies. rant over! :P (Sorry I just had to write this)

          • Viper says:

            and ok. the displays ARE ace.

          • Sammi says:

            I do have to agree with you there.. I’ve owned 5 mac laptops since I was 11 (22 now)… And none of them have lasted me more than 5 years. The one only lasted me a year. And my current one is only 7 months old and already messed up (it’s very slow, has trouble waking up from screen savers, the battery only lasts 2 hours instead of the 8 it’s supposed to, etc). Where as the PC’s my parents had when I was a kid always lasted at least 10 years. I feel like it’s a lot of smoke & mirrors with Mac. My current laptop (15 inch mac book pro) cost me $2500.. I was shocked when I recently found out from a friend that they paid $500 for their (i think Dell) PC Laptop. Is my Mac really worth $2000 more than their PC… most likely not. It’s such a racket because Apple knows their products are like a drug addiction to the people who buy them, and that no matter how much they jack the prices up people will still pay for their product.
            The Mac displays are definitely far superior to a PC (which is one of the main reasons I’ve stuck in with it)… But I definitely miss the durability of the PC.

          • Sammi says:

            4 years* (most of my lap tops have lasted me really about 2.5 yrs only the first one, iBook lasted 4 and that was after a hard drive replacement)

  6. Gaia says:

    Well, I fully understand your disappointment just because… I’m Italian! And, sad but true, Italians are known worldwide for not being able to organize things properly. Don’t know why, it must be in our genes. -.- Fortunately, we have many good sides as well, hehe.
    Anyway, I’m glad to read about the studio news and looking forward to my pre-ordered copy to arrive. Few updates ago you said that if all goes as planned the next album will change everything for you. I just wanted you to know that I really wish you all the best and hope all your dreams come true because you simply deserve it. <3

    Good night.

    • peterlondon says:

      Thanks for your kind words! And yeah we’ve kinda noticed that with Italians haha, but in the end everything always works out great but maybe not in the exact way a Swedish dude would solve that particular problem haha, not that our way is better, it’s just very different mentality. Awww we love Italy so much can’t wait to be back in 2013! See ya ! //LONDON

      • Gaia says:

        Yeah, VERY different I guess, hehe. Of course it depends from person to person but if there was a do-something-in-the-most-logical-and-functional-way challenge between Italians and Swedish I’m pretty sure we’d get our asses kicked hard, hahaha. Anyway, I’m happy to know you love my country despite its flaws. I missed last Crashdiet gig in Italy (just because I was abroad!) so I’m really looking forward to you coming back here.

  7. Nadine says:

    I know what you mean Peter.
    Some people are simply unable to do their work well.
    if they want something from you, it’s fast.
    but if you want something from those that can be very time consuming.
    And you’re right, if you wanna have something done right do it yourself.
    It’s the best way :)
    Great to hear that you had so much fun in he studio.
    The new album will be fantastic :D
    It sounds as if you were really fucking tired. ;)
    That’s good, then you sleep better and have more energy for tomorrow.
    Good night and sweet dreams :)

    PS. have fun with your paperwork tomorrow ;)

  8. Cammi says:

    haha wellcome to my life, peter.
    it’s our second week of university.
    TODAY they announced, that our lectures about musicpsycology will start finally on wednesday (two weeks before they said they don’t know it they will start). TODAY they also announced that our prof (the only one in our institute) isn’t here! HE’S IN SPAIN!!!! HE SHOULD MOVE HIS FUCKING ASS OVER HERE AND START HIS DAMNED LECTURES -.- i’m sorry but i’m so pissed off by this university stuff.

    hope your phone will work soon ;) don’t get mad about it.
    it’s not worth it!

  9. Vale says:

    i totally agree on your new motto! it’s always better to to things by ourselves, so we can be sure that everything is going in the right way!!
    Can’t wait to hear some new materials from studio!!

    See you in Italy next year!! :)
    Now i’m gonna start working!
    have a nice day!!

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