Oh my…

what a party hehe.

I met so many nice people so it was impossible to stay sober on this cruise, but I don’t regret that because I was having really really fun and that is valuable as well.

I started the night with a wine buffet with the guyz from Sister and John Priest and that was really nice of course, it’s cool when we get some time to socialize during our trips because it usually doesn’t happen that often.

Showtime was at 02.10 which means that the audience was very drunk and they were great, got so much energy back from them which makes it alot easier to pull of a great show :P . As always we had so much fun on stage you probably can’t believe it and I can’t describe it in words. Such a dream job, haha! Thanks everybody who showed up – I love you!

I managed to see Sister’s gig on day number two and they were great as always. I so much wanna bring them on our next worldwide tour in 2013. I hope we can make that happen. I also had a quick look at the 69 eyes but someone had been giving me free tequila and whiskey just before so this sequence is a little bit muddy to say the least.

When the boat came in me and a few friends went to my – completely empty – flat to have a little after party (sorry neighbors) which I think was a great success as well :P . Woke up around 11 this morning, had some vodka + water and some more rest and since then I’ve been cleaning this place because in two days I’ll start renting it out. Not much rest here as usual but that’s the way I like it!

Next Thursday we’ll head back to Gnesta to finish the album recording! We’ll be there for nine days this time and it’s gonna be awesome. I’m so excited for this album release, it’s gonna change the world for sure :) .

Well, gotta go back to my cleaning obligations but I’ll be back tomorrow.

Wishing you all a nice saturday night! Cheers!


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13 Responses to Oh my…

  1. Bex Nash says:

    :) glad you guys had major fun. The weather is stunning over in England. Great drinking weather ;) finally got the apartment sorted, one less stress for you :) Fingers crossed a certain someone is renting it. (I can only hope). I can’t wait for this album either. Enjoy your Saturday nite and don’t clean too much :) x

  2. Marmetal says:

    Hello Peter, good to read and see another message full of positive thoughts and energy. Glad you’re having a good time now and that things are looking well for you, well-deserved! :) The plan to tour with Sister sounds great. I’m sure a lot of fans would be happy if it could be done for real. Good luck with cleaning and I hope you will have a good night full of sleep so you can rest after your adventures! Best greetings, as always.

  3. Psychobunny says:

    Sounds like you had a great time – good. Congrats on finding somebody to rent the apartment. One thing less to trouble your mind and keep you from sleeping properly. Seems like my voodoo skills are not quite that rusted after all, muahahaha.

    Have a great weekend and check your email in between ;-)

    • Psychobunny says:

      PS: having Sister for the 2013 tour sounds like a great idea. Hope you can manage – got toilets to discuss with the Riot *snicker*

  4. Lenka Juricova says:

    Tour with Sister? That would be awesome! Greetings from Czech Republic! ;)

  5. Marthy says:

    London, you’re having fun, well :)

    Oh, Sister and The 69 eyes! Love them! And a tour with Sister would be fucking perfect!!! It would be a dream!
    Can’t wait to hear this new album ;)

  6. Chardonay says:

    Haha you almost sounds like an alcoholic when i read this :(

    But now i cant wait to hear that new album! I hope it will be mind blowing!

    Anyway, Good luck cleaning!

    Greetz chardonay

  7. rainy_kate_sleaze says:

    please bring sister to australia cause there are heaps of fans here.

  8. Cristina says:

    thank you for the great show guys! and it was nice to meet you the day after, didn’t want to bother too much cause you were having fun but i hope next time i’ll manage to speak to you a bit more :P

  9. von oben says:

    Hi there!

    Is it possibel to come to the studio in Gnesta and get some autograph?
    I live nerebay Gnesta.
    Where in Gneste is the studio?
    Love You guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Mimz says:

    Great times & gigs on that boat, sorry about causing the memory loss on The 69 Eyes, had fun tho :P Take care and see ya!

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