Went up at 5.30 to bake a fresh load of oopsies – you might wonder what that is – it’s sort of a fake bread with zero carbs. As I don’t eat carbs anymore I have to spend way more time in the kitchen – time I don’t really feel that I have for the moment – on the other hand what could be more important than being healthy and staying fit – so I pretty much have to find the time for it, I guess, hmmm…

They didn’t turn out as good looking as they usually do but they’re probably eatable :) .

At 6.00 I was back at the desk sorting papers – I’m aaaalmost done now – next time I have to deal with this extreme load of paperwork is probably around december – which is good – I start to miss my usual life here and after a few days with this it becomes sooooo boring but I’m holding on, it’s almost over now.

On the train now, as usual, on my way to Sweet to finnish some songs. Late tonight I’m gonna show my apartment to someone who might wanna rent it – that would reduce my current stress level quite a bit so I hope that’ll happen!

Have to get off the train now but I’ll try to post some photos during the day so stay tuned :P


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18 Responses to Oops

  1. Psychobunny says:

    Hmmm, those look quite good. Dammit, now I’m hungry and still one hour till lunch break, argh.

    I admire your determination – once you set your mind to a task you pull it through no matter what.

    Have fun with the guys, greets to everybody and good luck with your flat. Will keep my fingers, toes, eyes, ears and nose crossed for you (yeah, looks quite freaky and makes focusing a bit complicated)

  2. Marmetal says:

    Good morning you early bird :) . Glad to hear the paperwork is almost done, sounds good! Enjoy your day and good luck with the apartment later! :)

  3. Chardonay says:


    The look nice, aw you have to bring some of those with you to Shout it Out Loud, so we can tast them and judge itXD hahaha

    i think you will miss your desk, if your finished all the paper work XD and maybe you will get some more sleep then :P

    Good Luck with your apartment rent XD Thumbs up For You!

  4. Marthy says:

    “They didn’t turn out as good looking as they usually do but they’re probably eatable .”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Bass players in the kitchen! ;)

    I love when you say “on my way to Sweet to finish some songs”, I can’t wait!
    Good luck with your apartment :)

  5. Nadine says:

    Not bad ;)
    They look delicious .

    I wish you goog luck for the appartment and i hope
    you have a great time :)

    Enjoy you day, sleep well and get up tomorrow with full of power :D

  6. Carolina says:

    Hi Peter and greetings from Hellsinki!

    Love reading the blog and hear the stories of your trip to USA to all the way to your cookings;) Nice that you keep us all updated!
    Great that all the paperwork is almost done! For me its still ahead, actually tomorrow!;/ I got my own hair salon to run, so yes there is also a lots of paperwork, and me and the numbers/math just dont meet! But maybe i manage to work those out;D
    Waiting so exited to have and hear the new Crashdïet album when it comes out, and hope to see you soon also in Helsinki! :)

    Good luck with the apartment also!

    • peterlondon says:

      I hope I’ve inspired you to actually get going with that paperwork :) . Today I’ll spend two hours with it then I’m finally done. Can’t wait :) . Have a lovely day //LONDON

  7. Suvi Linnashovi says:

    oopsies are good for making low-carbs hamburgers ;) low-carb since 2009

    • peterlondon says:

      Alrite!!!! Wow 3 years, I’ve been doing this for only 6 months or so – but I’m on it for the rest of my life I’m sure. Congratulations for a great decision :) //LONDON

  8. Heather Breeze says:

    Those actually look really freaking tasty. Got a recipe handy?

  9. izzie says:

    Does this lhcf thing work for you? I’m still a bit suspicious against calories…. but maybe it’s worth a try?

  10. Emsan says:

    Oj, tänker göra något radikalt och kommentera på svenska, hoppas jag gör mig förstådd xD .
    Har ni ingen Sverige turné på G Peter? Eller iaf en spelning i Umeå? På nått stället där man kommer in om man är 18? xD Typ i början av november så jag har hunnit fylla 18?! xDD

    Minns att ni spelade i Umeå för kanske 2 år sen men man var tvungen att vara 18+ för att komma in och jag var så sjukt besviken! Har iaf sett er en gång live i Kungsan och ni var GRYMMA! :D

  11. mikerude says:

    they look low carb but are they low fat also? im looking for some new healthy food to eat and working on some diet and working out methods are these just low carb or also low fat ?

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