Out in the woods!

As I started to feel a little restless and did not quite know what to do with myself anymore I decided to go out for a walk! I love the location of this studio, there’s nothing but trees surrounding us and it’s so peaceful and quiet out here. Once you get out from the studio that is :P .

I met a little friend on my way out.

I went to the nearest lake to sit down and reflect a little and think for a while, as I’ve already mentioned – even though I truly love everyone around here I do have a need for being just by myself once in a while and if I don’t find the time for that, eventually I feel that I’m losing myself a little when being in a group of people. And I’m always in a group of people so I definitely  have to get better at finding the time for those sessions of loneliness & meditation :) . I did however bring my laptop and I do get internet out here so I’m not sure how much alone I really am right now haha.

My view when updating this blog. Pretty nice :P .

Yesterday was magical, we started with recording drums & bass & guitars for two songs and a little later Simon did the vocals for ”Damaged Kid”, which was supposed to be just a bonus track, but it ended up so fucking good it’ll be on the album instead.

This morning we recorded the foundations on one more song (Snakes in paradise) and right now Simon is recording some more vocals.

It’s almost dinner time but I feel like I’ve been eating the whole day so I probably have to wait a little more hehe. A glass of wine would be great though! It seems to be saturday night, at least in my time zone,  so what’s your plans for the evening? Anyone going out? :) . I’ll just sit here in all peacefulness and read your comments! And I’ll be back tomorrow with the latest update from the life of peter london :P . Cheerz!


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40 Responses to Out in the woods!

  1. Unicorn says:

    you should make a tv show called “the life of peter london”

  2. Cristina says:

    what a beautiful post you wrote today Peter :)
    Sweden has beautiful nature, i like to go out in the woods too here where i live.
    I am so happy i live in Sweden now!!! :) )

  3. Misssleaze says:

    I do agree on the alone time. Everyone has to be alone sometimes to relax not think of nothing just enjoy the soroundings. But im glad ur doing good peter. Keep on being yourself thats what makes you so awsome for me. Your a very mellow guy and its rare to find people like you. So keep it up dude m/

  4. Viper says:

    in the woods too actually… thought Id walk a little just to nit sit all dwy and ended up somewhere enjoying the view, and yes, silence too. :)

    no plans for tonight…

  5. Anna Maske says:

    I coudn’t live without your blogs, it’s always a pleasure to read your thoughts, thanks for sharing them with us, you are precious to me, like a brother :)
    Have a nice evening!! I go to listen to some good music live.

  6. Jakkie says:

    Looks great man. A bit jealous of you. Me myself I’m sitting in my living room preparing myself mentally with a beer. Plans for tonight is a last minute booked gig for my band. So last minute fix is in place. Have a great evening! Looking forward to hear your new album. And keep the sneak peaks coming.

  7. Stephanie says:

    I’m goin to enjoy a relaxing weekend. I’ve had a rough week studing for two Cosetology tests.. :P

  8. Rita Fabozzi says:

    If you like the woods and the quiet you would love Staten Island. Stateb Island is the country part of NYC. My old house used to be right in the middle of the woods with a cemetery right behind it. It was pretty cool but I rather the city any day. While you’ll be enjoying your wine I’ll be enjoying my beer this evening and playing bass. I think you would like this beer it’s called Innis and Gunn it’s not like beer at all it’s like a sweet liquor kinda like Brandy. Have great night so excited to hear the album!

  9. Psychobunny says:

    Great view you got there. We have rain today, meh. I’m absolutely with you on the alone time. I’m a bit of loner anyway and sometimes I spend weekends on my own just chilling and reading, playing games etc..

    This is going to be one of those weekends for sure. Especially as I got the sneezes from hell again (bloody weather – one day it’s 21°, next day it’s about 12°, gah) and don’t feel like going out. Already had a perfect steak and some veggies for dinner, yum. Wine sounds like a good idea too. There must be some Port left somewhere…

    And thanks for keeping us updated not only on the blog but also on Istagram and YouTube. It’s really very interesting to follow the progress in the studio and all.

    PS: got your new iPhone 5 pre-ordered yet? :-P

  10. KATIA says:

    DO you have a fav WINE & DISH PETER? :-)

  11. Rush says:

    Hah, so happy that everything goes well. :) Honestly, I found myself in some of your words. I think it’s normal that people need spend some time alone.
    Wow, Sweden is really beautiful! I wish to visit it one day and maybe stay there. But in my country, the Czech Republic, there is also quite nice countryside, I think. :D
    Well, my plans for tonight aren’t very interesting I guess. I’m going to listen to music and try to study a bit, because I need it. :D And after it, some playing with my cats, of course.

  12. Marthy says:

    I can understand you, Peter. I always need some moments where I can stay only with myself, for reflect and think… And often I think that being alone is better than being with some type of people, ’cause they don’t understand me and this hurts, so, being alone with music and books is better, this is my life :)
    Saturday evening… Nothing special! I stay at home, listening to music, and certainly I will watch some Crashdiet’s photos from Tumblr!
    Dinner time also for me, hugs from Italy, love you x

  13. Heather Breeze says:

    Beautiful! I was out in the wilderness last weekend. It’s so relaxing. I’m sort of an introvert too–sometimes it’s good to just get away from people and recharge. :)

    I was hoping to go out and do archaeology this weekend too, but the professor already had a full group. :( So I’m going to stay home, drink, and play guitar instead, haha. Have a great weekend dude!

  14. Chardonay says:

    Hahaha nice blog!

    Got the same problems, i eat when im bored or dont know what to do ( they also call it eating your stress away :p ) .
    But hows your dieet/(alcohol dieet) going?

    If you like funny horror movies, Maybe you should watch the movie cabin un the woods. :p dont trust every cabin in the woods XD.


  15. Sofia says:

    I’m having dinner with my parents at Grövelsjöns fjällstation after a day in the mountins. The nature here is amazing, sometimes looking a lot like your picture. :-)

  16. Bex Nash says:

    Just relax with a big glass of rouge or two :) a very mellow nite – peace and quite is always nice. Enjoy :) x

  17. Jenny says:

    I do also love to be alone sometimes :)
    But I don´t go in the woods alone.. don´t know why.
    So I´m taking my 2 dogs with me every time :D
    Today evening I wanted to meet friends actually. But instead I have to babysit my little sister ´cause my parents are out.
    So now I´m reading your blog – it dispels the boredom.
    I´m looking forward to listen to your new album!!! Can´t wait for it…
    Hälsningar !!

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