Personal Message From Peter London

On the toilet

Hey all,

it’s with great pleasure I’ve followed our fan campaign for the upcoming album! I’ve been wanting to try that thing, letting you decide the price of the CD for a while now, and I’m proud to be able to say that it worked out quite good :P .

My realistic goal was that we’d sell 800 albums during this campaign and my dream was to sell 1.000 – well at least we reached the goal, as I write this we’ve sold 886 albums and that is quite amazing these days – especially since most of you hadn’t heard a single note from the album when you placed your order! I truly appreciate your trust and if I could I would personally hug all of you, you know that :P .

It’s less than 48 hours left (CET time) of the campaign so if you want your name in the booklet, or a personal signature, go grab one album now because this is definitely your last chance to be a little part of the greatest sleaze album in years! But you’ve already bought your copy, right? :)

If any questions feel free to e-mail me at .


Peter London, CRASHDÏET


Did you already watch our amazing demo teasers?

Circus :

Change the world :

Sin City

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15 Responses to Personal Message From Peter London

  1. xilaii says:

    Congrats on the whole thing working out :) Any plans to release on vinyl? :3

    (Also, sorry my order was so late and that my Dad did it in the end -cash has been really tight these last few months :( . I know we waaaaaay missed the margin on the 300 copies, but would you possibly be able to sign them anyway? :) )

    Take care! Xo

  2. Psychobunny says:

    Congratulations! And I’m 100 sure that you will also get past the 1000 goal and sell more than that. I think all the sneak peeks and teasers did a lot to boost sales as well. Got all of them in my favourites at YouTube of course *G*

    I’m really very happy for you guys that it goes so well with the album. You deserve a major breakthrough and this might just be it, who knows.

    PS: cute pic! Although that look on your face is somewhere between WTF and EEEK ;-P

  3. Chardonay says:

    Awsome! You must imagine the fact that you guys are gonna sell way more when its releashed or when ure on tour, im sure about that…!
    i’ve got 4 other friends that still want the album, but dont have paypal or creditcard… I think there will be more people with that problem.

    Tonight i’m gonna place an other order but first my friends need to give me the money before i place the order XD

    Good luck with the rest of the merch and stuff XD see ya next year XD (sounds so far away :( )

    • peterlondon says:

      Hmm I guess I have to promote our other ways of payment a little better then because you definitely don’t need a credit card to buy stuff from our site, if they’re fine with bank transfers they can chose that option during checkout and I also accept cash sent by mail if I have to so no worries there haha //LONDON

      • Chardonay says:

        haha okay i will tell them, but now im the person that must place the order for them haha, not that its a problem or something… but i will definitly tell them :P

        oh and im already feeling sorry for you… 886 albums sold so far means 886 packages needs to get send to the postoffice :P haha, You need to work hard again then,
        you need to write or typ all those adresses and putting the cd’s in enveloppes … and then you have to bring them to the post office…
        Good Luck with that :P


  4. Ruta says:

    Peter, you know that we the fans would support you through thick & thin, to the ends of the Earth. ❤

    The band’s growing success is just a testament to how great Crashdiet really is. Your hard work, dedication & connection with all of us is second to none & because of that, I have no doubt you will conquer the World.

  5. Gaia says:

    Haha Peter you’re so cute even on the toilet :P Ok this may sound a bit creepy but you must know I have a folder dedicated to your pictures on my laptop and this one will end up there in the blink of an eye, no doubt about it hahah.

    Anyway I’m so happy to read that your campaign has been that successful and I bet you can reach 1000 by tomorrow night! Btw I was wondering, are you going to release a single until January?

  6. Elisa Marcon says:

    Really interesting pic! xD
    However, do not be surprised to orders without hearing the music.
    To me you are a guarantee of quality :)
    I look forward to your dvd!
    a big hug!

  7. Vale says:

    Pre-ordered on the first day! I think that the idea of the different prices was a good chance for everyone
    No doubt that the album will be fantastic, and the demo teasers are just a confirmation!
    Sin City is my fav so far, also because I adore Las Vegas :)

  8. Rush says:

    Nice picture! :D
    Thanks a lot for the option of choosing the price of the album. If I wasn’t student (and wasn’t saving money for my school trip to Sweden), I would definately choose higher price, but now… :(
    Congratulations that the campaign worked/works good! No doubts – not only for me, you are one of the best bands with an amazing music, and I believe that in 2013, you’ll show the whole world how awesome your sounds is.
    Your music always makes my day better. And by the number of sold copies, I guess not only mine. :) Pretty sure that at least a few more people will preorder the album today or tomorrow.
    I have heard the demo teasers of course and my personal favourite is probably Change the world, but the the other two songs sound very good too.
    Can’t wait to hear Anarchy (and other songs)! :)

  9. Annie says:

    Hey Peter, how old were you here? you looks so fuckin’ cute *.*

  10. Jenny says:

    Peter London on the toilet :D Sweet xD
    First of all I have to say that all of the demo teaser are fucking awesome :)
    I so can´t wait to listen to the whole album.
    Ooh by the way, I will pre-order mine today :) I just have to wait for a friend with whome I´ll pre-order two albums, one for her, too :D xD The shipping is cheaper that way :D

    • Jenny says:

      And it is gonna be one more album :D xD
      Oooh and my cousin asked me to teach her to speak swedisch :) I like it, ´cause then I have someone to talk to on swedisch :D

  11. Heather Breeze says:

    Got my copy~! I tried to convince a local record store to buy the “overkill” version (I said it would be good advertising haha) but I don’t know if they ever did. I do need to change the mailing address on my order, but I’ll send an email to the address above with the details.

    Big hugs!

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