I went to the city today to pick up some supplies for the dark decadence tour

Hungover-medicines for approx €100 :)
The obvious stuff again…
Snus for almost a month :SAnd….
Wait, what are these for?Well if you’re lucky you might catch dr london running all over europe in this brand new the-cheapest-he-could find running shoes.

Gotta pack my bags now. See ya soon :)


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15 Responses to Preparations

  1. Psychobunny says:

    LOL! You definitely know how to set priorities. Wouldn’t be surprised if you forget to pack the running shoes *snicker* At least they’re not pink…

  2. Oda says:

    Snus” gives you yellow teeth, Mr. Smartass. :P

    Hah, I use the same hairspray, It’s the best, really. “stroong”.

    Medicine, medicine… If you cut your drinking, you might have eough money for food! :P hah..

    And what is the runningshoes for? Don’t ditch boots and high heels! xDD eh.. oÔ

  3. Miss says:

    Hahaha that’s the best packing list I’ve seen by far :P

  4. Miss says:

    Oh, haha now it just says that I’m “Miss” lol /Miss Obscene

  5. nikki T says:

    fu*k i hate this shit i will never see you guys live.
    my mum wont let me to sweden even that i got my cousin there, i´m old enuogh but no… :(

    please guys come to finland!!!!!

  6. Marmetal says:

    Running you say, that’s cool! :) You’ll be in shape Peter. Lars from Metallica is running before every gig too ;) .

  7. FlikkanInTikket says:

    Det bästa “läkemedlet” mot baksmälla är att äta fet mat innan man börjar dricka samt äta nått med matolja i efter att ha supit klart, enligt doktorer. lol.
    så fuck alla tabletter säger jag bara! ;O

  8. Stine says:

    Haha thats how it looks like when I buy hair spray too :D

  9. filip sundell says:

    now were`s the ganja and cocaine??:p

  10. XiLaii says:

    I think bringing the running shoes is optimistic at best, hehe :3

  11. Veronica says:

    Wait… only four bottles with hairspray?
    Better not waist it, then, haha

  12. FayCd says:

    hahah ;)

    I need hair spray as well;) But not snuns Peter..uh-uh! Bad for youuu;) Anyway,if you like it!

    But would it be enough only 4 bottles? ;)

  13. Sylvia says:

    It is the best post ever! It maakes me smile and I’m so happy! You’re so funny! (;
    Love it!

  14. CrashdietDany says:

    Funny!! :D

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