Pretty close to completion!

We’re such professionals by now, haha, we just recorded the last song for the album, in like one hour or so. At least everything except the vocals, we simply don’t have time for that during this session so we’ll do that later on!

We’re just about to record some choirs on LIQUID JESUS and while I wait I’m drinking some liquids on my own here, and it tastes good, mmm! :)

The other guyz are gonna have a party here in the studio but I’m going home to prepare for my vacation that starts tomorrow – I’ll be on the Oktoberfest in Münich.

Anyone else going to Oktoberfest? :P


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20 Responses to Pretty close to completion!

  1. KATIA says:

    Damn, i wanna be there toooooooo!! Please have a grosse beer for me too! Enjoy and CHEEERSSSSSSSSSS!!

  2. Chardonay says:

    Have fun there!!!
    YOU Should get drunk there, its really funny there and everyone is always happy!!!

  3. mica says:

    Enjoy, you deserve it (:

  4. Anna Maske says:

    well maybe I’ll be in Munich on Wednesday…will you still be there at that time? :)

  5. Psychobunny says:

    I do live next to Munich but I don’t like the Oktoberfest. Too many people in tight spaces and much too expensive too. But I’m sure you’ll have fun. If you get bored pay me a visit at the office on Monday ;-P

  6. Jenny says:

    Ohh damn it, I wanted to go, but my friends won`t :(
    So I wish you much fun there.
    It sure will be great :D You have to tell how it was ;)
    Många hälsningar!!

  7. Brandon Holtry says:

    Have fun on your vacation London :) you definitely deserve it. Now that the album will be out soon, you guys have to hurry and make new merch considering me and my dad got our last package yesterday haha :D

    I hope all is well back there and we miss you guys! Be safe :)

    • peterlondon says:

      Haha thanks dude, we owe you loads. We’ll definately have some new merch released together with the new album :P Hope you’re alright!?!?! I’ll be in Vegas in early January, let’s meet up for drinks! //LONDON

      • Brandon Holtry says:

        Yeah all is well here :) just staying at home waiting to go pick up my brother from school. He was all decked out in Crash merch today haha. & that sounds like a plan! We will keep in touch :D

        • Brandon Holtry says:

          Also! If you don’t have anywhere to stay, we have an extra bedroom at the house. You’re more then welcome to stay here :)

  8. Heather Breeze says:

    Jeez, all the cool shit happens on the other side of the ocean. :P Enjoy your vacation!!

  9. Viper says:

    whut? :| you coulda said something. Hehe, how long are you staying?

    • peterlondon says:

      Ahh sorry. Didn’t really realize this trip was happening until just recently as I’ve been so busy with everything else! I’ll leave Münich on tuesday! //LONDON

      • Psychobunny says:

        She’s right, had I known that earlier I might have gotten a day off on Monday or so. Anyway, we can meet Monday evening in Munich for a drink or two if you like as long as it’s not at the Oktoberfest ;-) Just let me know if you’re in the mood

  10. Bex Nash says:

    Vacation sounds good, how long are you going for? Be good to unwind :) Well it’s gonna be one hell of a party at the studio with all that vodka. How on earth did he carry it all :/ Vegas in January :) I hope you leave some space in 2013 to see us in the good old UK :) x

  11. Vale says:

    Wow, Las Vegas in January? What about Italy? :D
    Oktoberfest sounds funny, sooner or later i’d like to go there! Have fun!

  12. Nadine says:

    Oktoberfest ? Cool :)
    Are you wearing traditional lether pants ??
    If yes take a photo. I want to see it :)
    i don’t go. :(
    Celebrate it and get drunk :)
    you definitely deserve your vacation.
    Tell me how it was, after your vacation and make some photos :)

    have fun and sleep well :)
    see ya :D

  13. Jenny says:

    Wooow I just listened to “change the world demo teaser” and I think it´s so fucking awesome!
    I really can´t wait to have your new album !!! :D

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