Quick update

First off I wanna say that I really enjoyed reading Viper’s & Psychobunny’s comments on my last post, wow lot’s of wise words, I wish we could hang out more, well we’ll meet at some point during next year that for sure :P .

Been so tired the whole day and I kinda know why, my week was pretty intense. I slept for 10 hours tonight but still I’m a wreck, well, no wonder really. I’m trying to do as little as I can around here but being me it’s not so easy :P .

As I finally have some free time today I’ll try to record something, that’s today’s goal for sure.

But first I’ll go get some rest :P

Cheers people


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11 Responses to Quick update

  1. Viper says:

    haha, what did I say other than complaining? :P
    anyway, we’ll turn southern germany into a madhouse next year for sure! can’t wait for it :D
    enjoy the time off!

  2. Chardonay says:

    haha, yup you have a day off and you still go working, can that even be called day off?
    Well atleast your doing the things you like thats the best thing in life, that your able to do what you want.
    I think getting some rest, is the best thing for you at this moment!

    And idd, being you isn’t easy at all, 58houres jobs, crashdietmerch sending and blogging… i think i wouldn’t even have some time off at all with scheduels like that! haha

    Hope you get your goals and take it easy after it, some rest&peace is a nice thing to have!


  3. Psychobunny says:

    I’m not wise – just old *G*

    You can bet your soon to be deocrated behind that we will meet next year. Even if you don’t see the point in hanging out I can promise you it will be fun :-P Booze will be on me (at least part of it) and I still have to get rid of the trifles I got for you guys. Or maybe I will send them to you around x-mas for further distribution. And there’s still an open invitation for dinner as well whenever the occasion arises.

    Relaxing is good. I’m now going to enjoy the Japanese curry I just made. Tried for the first time and it turned out real good, yay.

    Have a great weekend mate and be good – not! *G*

  4. Marmetal says:

    Those two German people are very smart so they deserve that kind of feedback! :) Get some rest after your intense week and have a pleasant evening. Cheers my friend!

  5. Rita Fabozzi says:

    I know how you feel I’v been so inspired to write music but I just have no time! I can’t give you much advice because I am having the same problems along with trying to make up on sleep. I hope you get to record at least something today! By the way thanks for adding in the sticker and pick with my merch order :D . Love Rita

  6. Rush says:

    I kinda appreciate you, how much energy you have, and your skills when it comes to planning, schedules, organizing of own time, working and those things (and playing the bassguitar, of course), well, I usually plan a lot and then I’m always ending up doing nothing. :D
    I wish you a lot of luck with recording, I think it will be awesome. Have a nice rest of the weekend and, well, get some rest, because you totally deserve it after the whole week. :)

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