Random images :P


1.75 liters of Bourbon = $14.99!


I agree!


I waited for hours… No, wait, I’m on vacation :P


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7 Responses to Random images :P

  1. Psychobunny says:

    You seem to enjoy yourself a lot. Told you vacation is good for you *G*

  2. Marmetal says:

    Haha, the last photo and your description beneath killed me! :D Lovin’ your sense of humor, enjoy your afternoon Peter :) .

    • peterlondon says:

      Haha thanks buddy! I am enjoying it – currently treating my hangover in the burning sun right next to the pool…craving beef jerky though! //LONDON

      • Marmetal says:

        You’re welcome, just sayin’ what I think ;) . Enjoy the sun, enjoy the time-off, you deserve a break after everything what happened this year. California is a good choice :) .

  3. glam_junkie says:

    mmm… cheap bourbon. how amazing are those prices!

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