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Sorry for not writing even one single line yesterday, I was at worked and as always super focused on that so I simply forgot! Right now I’m back at work but I’m off in just a few hours. Friday night will be spent in peace, I think. When this week is over I’ve worked 58 hours as an employee, not sure that is even legal in Sweden but no one’s gonna notice I think, unless the authorities read my blog but if they do they are a CRASHDÏET fan and probably knows how tough the music industry is so they’d let me work as much as need anywayz :) .

The other day I started thinking more about my dreams and what I’m gonna do with this thing called life. Because of CRASHDÏET I’m already basically living my dream – as you already know – I’m enjoying every second here. But I’d also like to have more time for writing. I’m so fucking focused on everything else so I don’t have time to write. I have all these lyrics and melodies popping up in my head but I never take my time to work with it, because I’m so loaded with other little projects, things that are a bit less abstract and being more or less autistic I usually prefer the more logical tasks before creating art and that’s a fucking shame because I’m good at art but at the same time afraid of creating it. I really need the therapy of writing in my life but I guess first of all I need therapy for being able to write again.

The puzzle of life goes on :)

Yours truly


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  1. Psychobunny says:

    Hi Mr. Superworker *G* You are one hell of a crazy bugger. But hey, as long as you’re happy and content it’s fine.

    I know about writing. I used to do lyrics and poems (for myself) and sometimes short stories but I just can’t find the time. Unless I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep again. For that I always have a notebook and pen beside my bed.

    Maybe you should try something similar or just simply type whatever pieces go through your mind into your iPhone so you can work with it later when you have time and quiet. Sometimes those snippets are rather useful.

    Besides abstract and logic don’t necessarily have to be divided. If you try to combine both threads you might be amazed about the outcome.

    And talking about autisitic (which in your case can’t be too serious as you are very outgoing and social): a friend of mine has an autistic son and he’s great at art.He plays the violin, cello and piano and is great at drawing 3D sketches. He can play almost everything after just listening to it for a while. Actually art is what brought him out and he improved tremendously. Nobody would believe he was a serious case a few years back.

    And now I know for sure that you are Clever and Sweetz is Smart *GG*

    Have a great weekend and try to chill out a bit. In case you like reading I can very much recommend “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” (if you like stuff like that). I read through the whole 448 pages in 1 day. I do love my Kindle ebook reader, hehe.

    • peterlondon says:

      Thanks for your warming words, went straight into my heart :P . Just one small correction : I’m actually not outgioing and social at all, I’m just extremely good at it but unless I’m pretty drunk I’d rather be with only myself than with other people. That’s one of the reasons I often drink too much. Just needed to point that out :) . //LONDON

      • Marmetal says:

        And I thought I’m the only one like that, shy and not outgoing at all. I feel what you’re writing and I understand how your mind works more or less, there are some things we’re alike at. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and making us think of stuff ourselves. You are an inspiration in some way. Have a peaceful Friday evening and get some rest, you need it like no one else right now! Cheers! :)

        • peterlondon says:

          Thank you my friend :) . I’m not shy though, I just don’t see the point of hanging out really. :) //LONDON

          • Marmetal says:

            You are welcome :) . Well, maybe shy ain’t the best word but you get the point since I’m not really the “hanging out” person myself too, I feel quite uncomfortable. Takes practise! :) So you know, reading things from you and your own reflections is a good way of accepting some things as you realize you’re not the only one who thinks this way. Always a pleasure to talk with you :) .

      • Psychobunny says:

        Ah well, at least you’re very nice and it’s fun to hang out with you. Maybe we get along so well because I’m actually quite a longer myself *G*

      • Jenny says:

        Waah I wish I could say the same for me, too: that I don´t like hanging around with other people that much. But fact is : I do, but I´m too shy. I really, really hate it. Wish I could talk to stranger people…

  2. Elisa Marcon says:

    Oh, I missed you :)
    at this time I am converting a lot of my friends at the ‘cult’ of Crashdiet! ahaha .. every morning when I go to university I talk about you to my classmates! ..
    I cann’t wait to see you live in Italy!
    oh, sorry … but you are really one of my favorite bands! next week I’m going to a concert Slash for the second time this year, but I think when I go to your concert will be MUCH more excited! :)
    If this little thing can help to make you happy in your life , know that in my ‘personal rating of the bands’ Crashdiet have surpassed Guns’n'Roses! :)

  3. Viper says:

    thanks for writing all this Peter.
    It really means alot, because I can identify with so much of it.
    It doesn’t really change anything in my situation and ofc I have very different “issues” (lack of a better word) but it’s still good to know I’m not the only one out there that doesn’t quite fit into some kind of scheme or whatever you want to call it.
    I always feel very hungry for some things, and I guess the need to create things can be very overwhelming, and then I end up doing nothing, because I also feel so uncapable to get the things out I feel are inside me in the right way, so I feel so much gets lost in translation I can’t be bothered in the end.. what you describe sounds a bit simliar. So again, thanks. being alienated sucks but it sucks a little less to realise that thats okay.
    (not wanting to imply that you’re alienated, just it seems obvious you differ from many people, and I for myself have yet to learn to accept that part about myself.)

    Miss you!

    • Psychobunny says:

      Hey Miss! Being different means being special which is a good thing. I’ve always been different but I’m proud of it and so should you. Schemes are for boring people who have no imagination and no real personality. You do not want to be like all the other sheep – you want to be a black one and so you should. Just be yourself as much as you can. It gets easier too after some time, trust me, little one ;-)

  4. Viper says:

    I get your point. :) it just gets to the point where it’s fucking painful sometimes, and where I just wish I was a mindless unimaginery sheep instead of a lone wolf. I am proud of what I am, just despite hating human kind from the bottom of my heart, and being very afarid of most people I still am a very social person that longs for company. it’s kind of hurtful to get declared insane everytime I show where my thoughts go, thats all, and sometimes i get so fucking tired of it. but ofc you are right. :)

    • Psychobunny says:

      Nah, you’re not insane. Just a bit. mad :-P Most humans are not worth worrying about if you ask me. The few that are I mostly call family or friends. They might not always understand me but they take me as I am and stick to me come hell or high water and so do I for them. I like their company but I do need a lot of time just for myself and that’s that. Besides lone wolves are way cooler than silly sheep. Dunno if you care but I for once like you.

      • Viper says:

        I definatly care! tahnk you, I like you too :D such a shame you couldn’t be at the festival :( I forgot my camera btw, sorry bout that :/
        But I feel like that too.. theres few people worth it it.

  5. rainy_kate_sleaze says:

    hey peter just wanted to let you know i just payed the plushie off in full. farrah has sewn his body and his pants are on. she will be working on his hair and clothes this week.

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