Rehearsal 2

Hmm so we rehearsed at our new place today and yeah we were still a bit tired from the weekend… But it sounded damn good anyway!

´m a proud Blackstar user.

..and my pedal setup.

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8 Responses to Rehearsal 2

  1. Psychobunny says:

    Uncategorized? *snicker* So did you spend most of the time setting everything up or did you actually do some rehearsing as well? *G*

  2. Oda says:

    Nice. :p
    I knew you you where pushing your selves too far, you are animals! You guys must be tired. If I where you, I would do like Ozzy, concert one day, relax the next, then concert and on and on… :p

  3. Michele says:

    Cool Gear! Simple and direct! Correct me if i’m wrong with your pedal stuff (always curious ’bout that xD).. Slash wah->Behringer comp->Wylde chorus->Boss noise gate->Boss delay, and boss tuner rite?
    Plug it into your Blakstar baby and you have hard rock! Have nice party Sweet! Can’t wait to see you guys in Italy! Already got tikkets xD Cheers!

  4. sabri says:


  5. Mimi says:

    Wow, this is fantastic .. I would like to have one of these great pedals in my house, THIS I WOULD FLY MY HEAD!! hahaha ​​.. are great! :D


  6. Sylvia says:

    Oh My God! I’m in love with this smile! How cute is it. So sweet (;

  7. johnny says:

    what u have the pedal set at?? levels etc??
    i have a very similar setup and would like to achieve a awesome sound like yours :) any reply wud be ace

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