Some days it seems harder to find something to write about and today is definately one of those days… I’m thinking alot about Dave and all those thoughts makes me sort of introvert so to say, if that makes sense. I’m not nearly done treating all those feelings, I guess I’ll never be. But life must go on, right? God, I’m not comfortable writing about those things yet. Expect a book coming out once I am!

Anywayz, gotta try for a second to move on to present time then, and as the photo above might give a hint about, we had a quite amazing rehersal earlier today and I’m 100% confident about the show on friday! We’re tighter than ever and you can expect quite a few surprises this time. We’ll also film the show, might end up on the much anticipated generation wild dvd of course.

Well, gotta go now, stay in touch and I’ll be back later :P .



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19 Responses to Rehersed!

  1. Psychobunny says:

    Some feelings are not meant to be shared like this but only with your closest friends, so don’t worry. Just tell us what you’re comfortable about at this point. Whatever you wanna share, we’re here for you, mate. We’re gonna listen and we’re gonna cheer you up when you need it.

  2. Psychobunny says:

    PS: if there are days when you have nothing to say just don’t. It’s not like an obligation you know.

  3. Oohlalar says:

    We only think about people who are gone because we cared about them and they made a difference to our life; that’s a great thing! Though unfortunately it does mean that we can go a bit crazy thinking it all over in our heads :( I find one of the best cures when I’m feeling like that is to crank up some rock n roll! Looks like you did the same :) xXx

  4. Joey says:

    Life goes on!

    Good to hear the band is doing allright after all. I’m really looking forward to seeing you for the first time @ Helsinki with HCSS and Crüe! It’s gonna blow some minds!

    What’s the thing with two straps on your bass, if I may ask? Does it make playing easier for your back?

    • peterlondon says:

      It does help my back a little yeah, Simon came up with it on the last tour, but it’s also for the looks – in my eyes two cool straps simply looks better than one! Just gotta change the pink one when I’m wearing my red bass because you can’t really mix pink and red as you see. It’s alright for rehersals though, haha //LONDON

      • Bex Nash says:

        What other colour you gonna have instead of pink? Let me guess blue??? Helsinki’s gonna rock :) Can’t wait to hear/see what things you guys and got up your sleeves :) Glad rehearsal went well.

        • peterlondon says:

          Not sure about the colours yet :P . Are you coming to hell-sinki?

          • Bex Nash says:

            You’ll come but with something :) I was going to go with a friend and spend a week there. Got all planned, bookedthe time off, then I lost my job, so me seeing you guys in Helsinkihad to be put off. I hoped to find anotherstraightafter but no good. Just got a job about 2 weeks ago. So timing is againstme on this. But you guys will Rock that loud and hard I’ll hear you from here :D

  5. Thank you guyz, for keep on doing your thing you and the other guys are an huge inspiration, when i feel down or things like that I can escape to the music and when I listen to your music I feel a lot better it make’s me stronger. I was really happy when I heard that you guys were going to keep on with your music. I was like 8-9 years old when Dave left us but I were truly sad and down when I’d heard that he had left us. well anyways

    Tack för att ni finns och fortfarande håller på med er musik!! kan knappt vänta tills fredag! <33

  6. Andii says:

    Happy thoughts my friend! Dave would want you to be happy.

    Next time youre in Grimsby, ill let ya cut my hair ;)

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