Seriously, what is it about sleep?!

First of all I wanna thank you for all your nice comments, get well greetings and all that! It means alot to me, really. Thank you!

Secondly I’d like to talk about my sleep again (so feel free to close your browser now if you’re already tired of reading about that haha!).

Last Saturday I missed my flight because I didn’t wake up in time despite a crazy amount of alarms. The reason is that I was completely exhausted because this whole month has been hysteric. I also maybe drank a little too much just before bed time but that was mostly because I wanted to be safe that I’d be able to sleep… And sleep I did… But what the hell, I’ve been drunk before but still gotten up on time. That’s part of my job, I’m an expert on that :) .

But for the last 2 nights I’ve hardly been able to sleep at all, I’ve been a total wreck because of that, obviously, not been able to do anything productive at all and I haven’t had the energy to keep in touch with basically anyone (as you’ve probably noticed on this blog page as well :P ).

Now when I actually had two days for a complete rest, why didn’t it work?

Yes – I should go to the doctor and get a bunch of awesome pillz, I even have free medical care for another year or so (because I’ve spent so much money on them in the past haha, sometimes Sweden is awesome) but I’m too tired to even pull that off! And on my good days I have other things to worry about than if I might get insomnia again or not haha! :) I’m like a dog nowadays, just living in the moment, but maybe that’s not only good hehe.

However, don’t get me wrong here. Except my problems with my sleeping patterns I’m feeling good and I’m so thrilled about the future and I even enjoy the present a lot more than i used to do in the past. I know that I’m gonna need some rest and some time off soon, though, and I will find the time for that eventually, no worries :) .

But before I do anything else I need some decent sleep for god’s sake :O!

I hope it’ll work this time. I’ll update you in the morning :)

Good night.



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41 Responses to Seriously, what is it about sleep?!

  1. Marthy says:

    “Secondly I’d like to talk about my sleep again (so feel free to close your browser now if you’re already tired of reading about that haha!).”

    London, we love listening to you and talk to you, no problem! ;)
    Hey, when you’ll be in Italy I want you heavily loaded!
    Love you and sweet dreams xxx

  2. Unlucky Unicorn says:

    haha peter, you’re so cute :)
    take care! <3

  3. Psychobunny says:

    Your problem is that you cannot shut off your head if you know what I mean. I have phases like that so I know what I’m talking about. You need to try to relax and shut off your thoughts. It’s not easy but try to keep your mind blank once you’re in bed. Or try to create some peaceful place in your mind where you can go to. Sounds silly I know but it actually works at least for me.

    Pills don’t really help as they don’t get to the root of the problem. To calm down you should maybe try valerian in any form though. It might or might not help but at least it doesn’t mess with the rest of your system.

    Anyway, I’m sending you some sleepy thoughts and wish you sweet dreams. Hope it will help at least a bit. You need to be fit for the big day on Friday, remember? *G*

    Good night and sleep tight!

    • peterlondon says:

      Yeah you’re totally right. My brain goes 100x faster during these endless nights than during the days. Would be nice to be able to turn that the other way around :) . I’ve been a zombie the whole day but it’s not impossible that my brain will start rushing once I go to bed and turn the lights off. It’s insane.

      I have all these expensive iPhone apps for relaxation and they used to work quite good on me but lately I’ve just started to get even more restless when listening to them haha.

      Will try again tonight. I used to be good at that stuff, meditation and all that. I seriously hope it’s gonna work :P

      Got my present the other day btw, thank you! haven’t opened it yet though of course :P


      • Psychobunny says:

        Ha, bloody iPhone poisoning your brain, muahahahaha. Ahem, sorry just couldn’t resist that one.

        Meditation is good I guess – I’m too easily distracted for it myself.

        Ah, you’re a good boy – knew I could rely on you, hehe.

        • Viper says:

          I can only second what you said Conny. absolutely right. I’ve told you I have pretty have insomnia at times aswell, so I also know pills just have to do the trick sometimes. Yes, It doesn’t go to the root, but when you’re so worn out by lack of sleep it’s also impossible to reach the roots in anyway and work on that. It’s just important that you see pills at what they are: a short term solution to give you breathing space, and not as a easy way out. There are cases though, where even long term medication is necessary… just saying this cause I know from experience that once you want pills for problems like this people tend to look at you as a halfway-there drug addict. and thats not totally true. :)

          @Peter: hang in there!

          • Psychobunny says:

            I know the feeling. I had times when I could only do with sleeping pills as well. Thing is if you overdo it they don’t work anymore which is bad. Nothing to do with addiction but your body simply gets used to them. Same with most long term medication.

            But I’m quite sure our most favourite bass player here will get over this sooner or later. Hyperactive people so sometimes have trouble to relax ;-)

  4. Brandon Holtry says:

    I love reading your blog posts even if its just about sleep because I like hearing from you and the rest of the guys :D

    If you end up getting pills make sure you be super careful with them. I don’t want you mixing them with anything and then something really bad happening.

    Anyway! My favorite bass players birthday is on Friday I wonder who that could be! :)

    Haha be safe and I hope you get some well deserved rest!

  5. Lenka Juricova says:

    I have the opposite problem. I sleep and I sleep all the time makes me want to sleep!

  6. Vero says:

    Do you think you will come back to Argentina? Pleaseee!!!

  7. mica says:

    I’m glad that despite not being able to sleep properly, you this well. Maybe a doctor can help you with that matter, or perhaps another solution such meditate or those kinds of things unconventional. Who knows, may be it works for you more than medicine (:
    Anyway, I hope you keep well and you achieve sleep as you deserve!


  8. luu says:

    Hi baby I’m glad to read that you are enjoying this time
    I hope you can sleep more often hahaha
    take care and good luck with the band
    love you :)

  9. Jenny says:

    Great job if getting drunk is part of it :D
    hahaa, it´s good to hear from you today, i wondered how you feel the last days.
    And as usual, I´m worried because of your sleeping problems.
    Sad I can´t help you with that. But I really hope it´ll get better soon.
    Except those problems you feel good, you said.
    That´s great news, so the headache is gone too :D
    I think it´s a great feeling when you do like the present. I haven´t got that feeling for a long time, but since 2 years or so, i love life again. Thanks to my friends, who are the most important in my life !!
    However, I´m talking too much. And make sure that you feel fine on 13.10 :D Cause I´m going to shout it out loud festival to see you rocking the stage ;)
    God natt !!

  10. Hej Peter,
    Before you go taking sleeping pills, you should go out to a Vitamin Store, and buy some MELATONIN tablets. They’re a natural sleeping aid. I’ve had fucked up sleeping my whole life (haha for me my normal “bed time” is between 2 & 4am, if I fall asleep by midnight, I wake up at 2am and can’t sleep until 7 or 8am) and Melatonin has helped me when I’ve used it. The only downside is it gives people “vivid dreams”, in me I usually end up having bad nightmares (hence why I don’t use it often)… But nightmares are definitely better than taking potentially dangerous or addictive stuff like sleeping pills.
    Also have you just tried eating turkey & warm milk before bed, they have natural Triptothane.. They don’t work for me, but maybe for you it would work.

    Samantha, someone who can empathize with your trouble sleeping. :)

    • peterlondon says:

      Hey Rob! Hope all is well with you! We can’t know for sure yet my guess is that it’s very likely that a shop at download 2013 will happen but like I said, nothing is confirmed yet. We’re definitely up for it, just have to make everything around us work out as well :) //LONDON

    • peterlondon says:

      Hi :) . I’m very productive during those nights. But I hate it. I want to be productive during the days instead :) . But yeah, I’ll try some reading tonight if all else fails. I usually don’t like to read that much, which is probably good in this case haha. Thanks //LONDON

  11. Erika says:

    I completely understand you, hope you can get some good sleep or something like that (: p.s aaaw Sweden is always awesome LOL
    Good Night :3

  12. Roxxi says:

    Hey Peter,
    I can totally understand you, ’cause at the moment i’ve also got my “sleeping-problems”. you know, it’s my last year at school, so i have to do a lot, and during nighttime i think too much about these and that and i’ve been always a person, who couldn’t sleep very well….i just can’t sleep when i start thinking “how i’m gonna fall asleep this night?” ;D The best thing is listening to music, while lying in a warm bed and just dreaming about lots of things :)

    Hope you’ll sleep well and don’t mind my crappy english ;D

  13. Läuwïeett says:

    That makes two of us Peter ’cause I’m having the same problem as you do. Not being able to sleep really sucks. The less sleep you get, the more energy disappears. I’d like to give you advise on that but since I’m struggling with the same shizzle I cannot help you. Maybe there’s just too much going on for you like the whole new album & stuff. It keeps you busy & unfortunatly you can’t just turn off your mind. But anyway, I hope you find your rest one way or another.

    Take care Peter! ;)

  14. Bex Nash says:

    Knew something was up, was gonna message you to see how you are :) Pills are not the answer to the problem. I hate it when people just pop pills for the sake of it. Doesn’t deal with the root cause. I’m no doctor/therapist but from personal experience. It sounds like your mind isn’t calming down. Thinking too much. I was like it the night before last. All these thoughts, plans, concerns running wild at million mph. By the time I managed to doze off (shortest sleep ever) I was so exhausted when I got up, like you said Zombie mode. Thing is now, when I cop myself thinking like mad. I try and find a blank space in my mind and try and think about nothing. It’s a battle alright, those sneaky little thoughts try to get in. Try it, let us know how you get on.

    Oh and I love these blog updates, good to keep in touch with you :) hopefully you’ll sleep really well tonight. You need all your physical and mental energy for your big birthday celebrations my fellow libra. Almost as young as me ;p

    Right gonna wish you sweet dreams tonight :) x

  15. Nadine says:

    The main thing you are (apart from your sleep problems) fit again. :)

    Get your family vacation after. It will be good for you and your brain deals sometimes with what other and relax a bit. 2013 you’ve got enough stress when your tour starts.
    I’m so exciting to see you live. :D

    I got a question do you actually bake Christmas cookies? Or a witch’s house or something like that? :)

    good night and sleep well :D

  16. Rita fabozzi says:

    What ever you do dont take sleeping pills! Seriously they can kill you because of their horrible side effects that kill your organs. I know this because my grandfather was on sleeping pills and they killed him along with causing an addiction problem! I actually have asleeping problems myself that i can literally sleep all day, all night and fall asleep everywhere! Even in the shower! You should talk to your doctor about going for an over night sleeping test. I was suppose to do it a while ago but never did which is bad cause my problem is getting worse. Point of the story is you should go cause the longer you wait the worse it will get! Feel better and take good care of yourself! Xo

  17. Chardonay says:

    Hahahaha… shall i bring a box of melotine (dont know how you write that) with me 2 shout it out loud on 13 oct. Haha maybe it works… Cuz it works @ me… Well good luck sleeping anyway…!

  18. Cristina says:

    Peter you should listen to Psychobunny cause she is absolutelu right about pills . they may help you with insomnia but they will not settle down the problem within. As i said in your previous blog i followed courses with a psychologist and i learned how to program my mind as a computer and it’s a lot more helpful than taking medicatons cause it doesn’t ruin your body and you feel more powerful and such. i would tell you to go for it instead of pills.
    i wish you goodnight, natti natt Peter

  19. MaryMH!¡ says:

    Try to make some activity during the day, something physical, and then in the night Sleep! The medicacion may or may not work, but really do not want to use it, is something really precise and some times is realy bad. I recomend you that, activity in the day, an when your in bed close you eyes and think in your wildest dreams, which were more crazy, and distract yourself with that (seriously, it works). THE BEST OF THE LUCK PETER!¡ Hope you can get finally one peaceful night :)

  20. rainy_kate_sleaze says:

    are you a vampire peter? yu phoenix from cinema bizarre is a vampire stays awake all night.

  21. Heather Breeze says:

    Sweetie… :(

    I hope you got some decent sleep. I’d offer advice, but I’m having the same issues over here. Good luck to you hun~~

  22. Marmetal says:

    Oh man, that’s not good. I have similar feelings lately, can’t sleep well and during the day I’m so tired. Strong headache doesn’t help either. So I feel useless because can’t do anything. If you will keep feeling like that (and hopefully not!), maybe visit a doctor, especially that you have a free health care now. I wish you all the best, hope that tonight was better for you my friend.

  23. kamd says:

    i planed to read some professional books(still a student) but failed.
    there are some situations make me upset today,so i decide to open my laptop,and check out if london have wirten something. XD
    honestly,i konw we are live in different country,speak different laugange,but i treat u as my dear friend who i wiil to share my sadness and happiness with and yours as same. when i got old,i finally realize that life is rough,i used to be a cry baby,now i want to be a man like you. i really care about you,sleeplessness is disturbed,but i believe you will come through. Crashdiet is a important part in my life. music has amazing power to get our together,i’m so glad know this band. you’re so optimistic that change the way i see this world. love u,take care fo youself,i believe we will meet in the future.

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