So much fun

Well this weekend was a blast for sure. Gothenburg might have been a little messy hehe, as it was the first show and everything was new for everybody working with us but we pulled of Malmö pretty good and from now on it’ll just get better and better!

I had so much to think of all the time that I as usual forgot to update this blog, I hardly had any time to even open my laptop but from now on things will go smoother hopefully hehe.

I’m proud of the fact that I didn’t party until I nearly died on the Friday which means that the Malmö show wasn’t affected in any way because of illness and I hope the audience could notice that hehe. Am I growing up a little? I don’t know… I just want to be able to do exactly this thing for as many years as possible to come :)

Gotta pack / unpack & do my laundry now because we’re leaving early tomorrow for Funland which is gonna be awesome :P

Stay around :) Luv ya!


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4 Responses to So much fun

  1. Psychobunny says:

    Good to hear from you again. Hope you’ll have even more fun on the next part of the tour. But the most you’ll have with us Germans anyway, hehe.

    Have a safe trip and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do either.

  2. Nadine says:

    Hey Peter ;)
    When you are in Germany it will be much better. you’ll see ;D
    Enjoy the tour, enjoy the time with your best friends and have fun
    my friend. :D
    You will rock the stage better than before, I’m sure. :)
    Have a safe trip. All of you ;)
    Nice evening, Peter :D

  3. Marmetal says:

    Good to hear from the sir London himself ;) . I’m sure you’ll get better with every show with the new setup and all that madness that I have no clue about :P . And also I’m glad to hear you’re taking better care of yourself by not partying, little Martin’s proud of you ;) . Stay safe, be healthy and enjoy Finland! :)

  4. Mimmi says:

    NI måste spela Damaged Kid, Drinking with you och California i stockholm nästa onsdag. Blir så ledsen annars. Speciellt om jag inte får höra den förstnämnda låten. Helt klart en ny favorit!

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